Robert Pattinson Has A Few Baddies In Mind For The Batman's Sequel

Robert Pattinson's stint as the brooding and battered version of Bruce Wayne/Batman isn't ending anytime soon — the actor is confirmed to star in a sequel of the critically acclaimed film from Matt Reeves. In the movie, it has been two years since Batman has been lurking in the city's shadows and its criminal underbelly, actively bringing Gotham's bad guys to their knees. And there will be more of that soon.

Easily the darkest chapter in the caped crusader's silver screen history, the film is a neo-noir take exploring Batman's form of vigilante justice in the early days of his superhero years. In a way, "The Batman" set up the hero's origin story along with Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman/Selina Kyle and Jeffery Wright's Lt. James Gordon. The movie also introduced some of Gotham's essential villains, featuring them at the very onset of their malicious careers, from Paul Dano's menacing Riddler to Colin Farrell's manipulative Penguin. With a second film on the way, Robert Pattinson has been doing some thinking about which Batman villains he'd like to beat up next, and he's got some interesting ideas, to say the least.

This cultlike faction of criminals interested Robert Pattinson

In an interview with Den of Geek, Robert Pattinson revealed that he was excited about the possibility of "The Batman" sequel incorporating a storyline that included the Court of Owls. In the 2011 comics, the horror story follows an aristocratic hidden society that ruled Gotham from an underground lair for centuries. The group features members that are both Gotham's elite and the Talons, who are highly trained assassins loyal to the Court of Owls. Adapting the storyline of the original comics for Batman to tackle in a sequel film with Matt Reeves's horror-focused roots in place would be a perfect fit, per Pattinson. "I'd love to do something like Court of Owls," the actor said.

"The Batman" illustrated a rain-soaked, gritty iteration of Gotham that was relentless in its horror influences. The film dwells in the dark and is rife with horror, in both references and inspiration, being heavily influenced by John Carpenter's "Halloween" and near-horror movies like "Zodiac" and "Se7en." "There are elements of 'The Batman' which are kind of horror and I think it really feels quite new for Batman," Pattinson continued.

And then there's Calendar Man

That's not all!

Pattinson is also interested to see Calendar Man come to life in "The Batman" sequel, a genius who commits crimes that correspond with holidays and significant dates. The Hannibal Lecter-style genius belongs to the collective that makes up Batman's most prominent adversaries and is undoubtedly one of Gotham's most terrifying serial killers — a fitting choice for Reeves' horror-influenced Batman universe.

Although "The Batman" featured an epic teaser of Barry Keoghan's iteration of the Joker, the most famous villain in all of Batman mythos as well as comic book lore, the supervillain story isn't set to take shape yet. With several versions of the Joker existing throughout comic book film and television history, maybe it's time to focus on other potential baddies that have been living in the pages of the comics for far too long. Pattinson seems pretty excited about that — we should be too!