Star Wars Episode 9 set

Writer/director/podcaster Kevin Smith has visited J.J. AbramsStar Wars Episode 9 set, and he hated every second of it. “It was dumb,” Smith said of the set. “I looked around, shrugged my shoulders, and said, ‘This is the best you got?’ I interrupted J.J. in the middle of a take and just said, ‘Hey man, thanks for the invite, but this sucks. I’m outta here.'”

I’m kidding, of course. Smith, as rabid a Star Wars fan as you’ll ever find, brought back several tidbits from his travels to the film’s London set, and they’re all overwhelmingly positive – including how he witnessed a performance that drove him to tears. Watch him recount his visit in a video below.

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Kevin Smith secret project

Kevin Smith has come a long way since his days as an indie auteur with his breakout hit Clerks. He’s become a movies, television comics, books and podcast maven; he’s created his own mini cinematic universe called The View Askewniverse; and he’s become a prolific geek guru, penning comic books and directing episodes of The Flash and Supergirl.

But he recently set the geek community afire with speculation over his big new mystery project. We know very little about it, except that it’s reportedly his biggest IP ever — leading to chatter that he could be directing a Marvel or Star Wars movie. But Smith recently revealed that it’s not a movie at all — it’s a TV show.

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Jay and Silent Bob reboot rewrite

In 1994’s Clerks, writer/director Kevin Smith introduced the world to Silent Bob, an overweight and quiet goofball played by Smith himself. Silent Bob has appeared in multiple movies so far, often alongside a stoner named Jay (Jason Mewes), who would lovingly poke fun at his friend’s weight.

Smith experienced a near-fatal heart attack earlier this year and has thankfully bounced back, but he’s lost a ton of weight in the process – so Silent Bob is no longer the overweight guy he once was. This change has sparked a rewrite of his upcoming movie Jay and Silent Bob Reboot to reflect the character’s new look, and Smith has also changed the title of one of his popular podcasts for a similar reason. Learn more about both below. Read More »

dc daily

DC Universe is seeking to be your one-stop shop for all things DC Comics. And that means launching its own daily news show, titled DC Daily, to provide fans with superhero news, guest appearances, interviews and panel discussions with DC Comics experts. Fittingly, its first host is arguably the biggest celebrity DC fanboy, Kevin Smith.

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hit girl the golden rage of hollywood

Hollywood predators are about to meet a bloody reckoning from our favorite pint-sized punisher. Hit-Girl makes a lauded return to the comic book pages in the newest Millarworld comic penned by Kevin Smith, aptly titled Hit-Girl: The Golden Rage of Hollywood.

In the upcoming 2019 series, the Kick-Ass breakout character portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz in the movie adaptations is pitted against the predators of Hollywood to dole out brutal justice. And in a post-Weinstein world, it couldn’t come at a better time.

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Killroy Was Here Movie

Kevin Smith got his start with a true indie in the form of Clerks, a movie shot for $27,575 that ended up selected by Sundance, made $3 million at the box office, and launched the career the filmmaker has today. For his latest project, the director is going back to those lower budget roots, complete with a student film crew full of nothing but passion for filmmaking.

As we’ve previously heard, Killroy Was Here is a new horror anthology film Kevin Smith co-wrote with executive producer Andrew McElfresh. The film has been described by Smith as being in the vein of Creepshow, as well as having the “ironic twists and grisly moments” of The Twilight Zone. Now Smith has revealed one of the film’s characters, one who will be played by WWE wrestler Chris Jericho. Read More »

Big Kevin Smith Project

Kevin Smith has a career that spans movies, television comics, books and podcasts. He began with the breakout indie hit Clerks, and expanded that into his own little cinematic universe called The View Askewniverse, which includes movies like Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back and Clerks II. In recent years he’s expanded into the world of thrillers and horror with Red State, Tusk and Yoga Hosers.

Outside of directing movies, he’s dabbled in comic books with story arcs for Daredevil, Green Arrow and Batman. And more recently he’s been playing in the DC Comics Arrowverse on television by directing episodes of The Flash and Supergirl. He’s also discussed all of these experiences in Hollywood and more in several books and podcasts over the years. But now he’s teasing something much bigger. Read More »

infinity war writers on dc universe

How do you fix a problem like the DC universe? Warner Bros.’ slate of comic book movies based off the iconic DC Comics characters, unofficially dubbed the DC Extended Universe, has stumbled ever since it first came out the gate with Man of Steel in 2013. Other than Wonder Woman, none of the DCEU have over a 60% on Rotten Tomatoes, and the highly publicized team-up of the world’s finest heroes in Justice League ended up disappointing at the box office.

Well, Avengers: Infinity War screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have an idea on how fix it.

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moose jaws

Remember Moose Jaws? Kevin Smith‘s never-made third entry in his True North trilogy? The project seemed to be dead, but Smith has offered a new update that indicates Moose Jaws might become a reality.

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