VFX Artists React to The Mandalorian

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In this edition, the VFX artists react to the amazing, innovative visual effects used in the live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian. Plus, Patrick (H) Willems analyzes a perfect episode of The Simpsons to see what makes the series work when it’s at its best, and Harrison Ford breaks down his long, decorated career in film, from American Graffiti to Call of the Wild. Read More »

indiana jones 5 update

What’s new with Indiana Jones 5? Last we heard, the latest (and final?) adventure of Dr. Jones was set to start filming in about two months. Or is it? Harrison Ford, currently promoting his movie where he hangs out with a cartoon dog, recently opened up about the sequel. According to Ford, everyone involved with Indy 5 wants to make sure the film gives viewers something they didn’t anticipate. He also says that the film is dealing with “scheduling issues” and has “a few script things still to do”, which…isn’t the most encouraging news.

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the call of the wild review

Most attempts to adapt the works of Jack London to the big screen have, more often than not, resulted in a neutered final product. Chris Sanders‘ live-action/computer-animated adaptation of The Call of the Wild falls firmly in this category.

Gone is the savage romance of London’s short novel in all its untamed glory, instead, The Call of the Wild is a Disney-fied The Revenant — though it’s even less a survival film than it is a schmaltzy celebration of that bond between dog and human. At parts, it feels more like A Dog’s Purpose film than the gritty wilderness tale of London’s original book. The funny thing is, London’s book was a direct rebuke to that bond, painting the majestic call of natural instinct as something more awesome and powerful than any human bond.

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Is Han Solo a Force Ghost

Harrison Ford is famous for not getting caught up in the minutiae of the Star Wars universe. When it comes to playing Han Solo, he’s there to deliver his lines to the best of his ability, but don’t expect him to know what a moof milker is or anything like that. Just in case you needed some more evidence as to how little Harrison Ford cares about anything that doesn’t involve Han Solo, a new interview drives the point home. Read More »

Indiana Jones 5 Starts Shooting

Next week, you’ll be able to see Harrison Ford fight the elements with a very good dog named Buck in an adaptation of the Call of the Wild, the classic novel by Jack London. But it won’t be long until he’s getting back into more familiar adventure mode with his trusty whip and fedora in Indiana Jones 5. While making the press rounds for Call of the Wild, Ford confirmed the Indiana Jones sequel starts shooting in a couple months. Find out what else he said about Indy’s return below. Read More »

the call of the wild clip

The Call of the Wild looks like a perfectly nice movie. Harrison Ford grew a beard and signed up to make a family film, which is surprising, since he seems like he’d rather…not do that sort of thing. But here he is, starring in Call of the Wild as John Thornton, who sets off on an adventure with a big dog named Buck. Buck is the real star of this movie, and he’s also completely digitally animated, which is just a little weird. Watch a new Call of the Wild clip below, where Harrison Ford meets Buck for the first time.

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Call of the Wild featurette

Jack London’s 1903 book The Call of the Wild has been adapted for the screen several times already, but there’s only one that features Harrison Ford opposite a CG dog. 20th Century Studios is releasing this new iteration later this month, and they’ve unleashed a slew of marketing materials recently that we’ve gathered up below in one place. Read More »

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Force Awakens said goodbye to Harrison Ford as Han Solo. Star Wars: The Last Jedi bid farewell to Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker. So it only makes sense that the late Carrie Fisher gets her own send-off in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and co-writer Chris Terrio confirmed that one of the main goals of the movie – specifically because they had a limited amount of footage to work with from the previous films – was to figure out how to solidify Leia’s legacy in the entire saga and complete the arc that was alluded to in Return of the Jedi. Read More »

the staircase TV adaptation

The True Crime docu-series The Staircase is getting a dramatized TV series adaptation, and the show has landed itself a big star. Harrison Ford is attached to star as Michael Peterson, who was accused of murdering his wife. Peterson’s defense was that his wife, Kathleen Peterson, died as a result of a fall down a staircase. This lead to a sensational trial, and a much-talked-about docu-series chronicling the events.

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The Call of the Wild Trailer

This year, Harrison Ford became a dog in the animated sequel The Secret Life of Pets 2. Next year, he’s teaming up with a dog for an adventure that will see them battling the elements during the middle of the Gold Rush in the 1890s.

The Call of the Wild is based on Jack London’s classic novel of the same name and follows a dog named Buck as he is uprooted from a spoiled life as a domestic dog in California and turned into a mail delivery sled dog in the Alaskan Yukon. That’s right, the dog is actually the star of this movie, and Harrison Ford comes along to further the story. Watch The Call of the Wild trailer below. Read More »