Chinese Tenet Preview

Even though it feels like it’s been a long journey for Tenet to arrive in theaters, in reality, it’s only been a few weeks since the movie was supposed to be released on the big screen. All of the hullabaloo was about whether or not the movie would actually get released this summer by Warner Bros. Pictures, so the movie has been on everyone’s mind. And soon, people will finally get to see it in movie theaters.

Since theaters in the United States aren’t yet ready for a new wide release like Tenet, international markets will be getting the movie first. Audiences in China won’t be getting it before the United States (for now), but since there’s a huge population there to help boost the dead box office around the globe, they’re being tempted to see the movie by Christopher Nolan himself. Watch the director’s message and the Chinese Tenet preview below. Read More »

New Mutants Comic-Con Teaser

During these troubling times, people have started to wonder whether a certain mutation amongst humanity actually exists or not. Well, 20th Century Fox and Marvel Entertainment want to reassure you that The New Mutants very much exists, and they’ve released a brand new teaser for the movie to prove it. Furthermore, there will be a Comic-Con at Home panel arriving next week with director Josh Boone and the cast of the new horror thriller from Marvel Entertainment. Read More »

tenet tv spot

So many questions surround Christopher Nolan‘s Tenet. Just what the heck is the movie about? If it’s not about time travel, how does all the time-bending we see in the trailer work? And will the movie actually open in theaters in July? These questions still remain unanswered, but one thing we now know about the flick, directly from Nolan himself, is that it’s action-packed. In fact, Nolan says it has more action than any film he’s made before. And now there’s a new TV spot that gives us even more glimpses of all that action.

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artemis fowl release date

Earlier this month, Disney made the surprise move of pulling its next big-budget children’s fantasy movie from theatrical release. Artemis Fowl might have been the next family franchise for the House of Mouse, but instead, it’s going straight to Disney+. And now, Disney has revealed a June 12 Disney+ release date for Artemis Fowl with a new teaser.

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‘The New Mutants’ TV Spot Unleashes Magik

new mutants tv spot

Okay, I guess we can all safely assume The New Mutants is finally coming out. The long-delayed X-Men spin-off has a rating, a release date, and now, a new TV spot. The spot below plays up the action and throws in a few groan-worthy quips. But it also features some neat elements, too – like Anya Taylor-Joy‘s Magik brandishing a giant glowing sword. Watch The New Mutants TV spot below.

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no time to die tv spot

Excuse me, do you have time to die? If not, I understand – but you might want to make time to watch this No Time to Die TV spot, because it’s loaded with new footage. That footage includes Ana de Armas kicking some fool in the face – and honestly, isn’t that enough? There also appears to be some new insight into the plot of the film, which has Bond working with old enemies.

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the new mutants tv spot

Looks like the New Mutants are facing the heat — the metaphorical heat of their demons, and the literal heat of a superpowered figure with the power to burst into flame. The recently renamed 20th Century Studios has released a new TV spot for the long-delayed The New Mutants, which features mostly the same footage we’ve been seeing for the past two years. But there is a very cool shot of the aforementioned fire man. Watch the latest The New Mutants TV spot below.

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quiet place part 2 tv spot

A Quiet Place Part 2 is almost upon us, which means its time for the marketing to kick into overdrive. Two new videos for the horror sequel are here for your viewing pleasure – one is essentially the same thing as the current trailer, with some new footage; the other is a behind-the-scenes featurette that helpfully recaps just what the heck is going on in the world of the films.

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no time to die tv spot

James Bond’s knives are out in No Time to Die, which features an exciting Knives Out reunion for Daniel Craig and Bond series newcomer Ana de Armas. Naturally, only Craig’s Bond would keep de Armas’ CIA agent waiting, but the superspy seems to enjoy taking his time in the the newest No Time to Die TV spot, keeping everyone on edge as they await Craig’s final outing as Agent 007.

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Call of the Wild featurette

Jack London’s 1903 book The Call of the Wild has been adapted for the screen several times already, but there’s only one that features Harrison Ford opposite a CG dog. 20th Century Studios is releasing this new iteration later this month, and they’ve unleashed a slew of marketing materials recently that we’ve gathered up below in one place. Read More »