Brie Larson Samus

Nintendo lovers will immediately recognize the name Samus Aran, the protagonist of the long-running Metroid video game series. Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson counts herself as a fan: she dressed up as Samus for Halloween, and she’s also interested in playing the character in a movie. Hear that, Hollywood? You may want to start dusting off those Metroid movie scripts and see if there are any hidden gems waiting to be found. Read More »

‘Castlevania’ Renewed for Season 3 By Netflix

castlevania season 3

Just a week after the long-awaited second season of Castlevania hit the streaming platform, Netflix has announced its renewal for season 3. The animated adaptation of the classic Konami video game franchise is proving successful, with an even longer episode order set for the upcoming third season.

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knives out filming

Here’s some quick news regarding two very different productions. While taking a break from a galaxy far, far away, Rian Johnson is making the star-studded mystery movie Knives Out. Shooting has just begun on the film, as evident from a tweet from Johnson himself. And that’s not all! Hereditary‘s Toni Collette has just joined the cast.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, word comes that the Call of Duty movie, adapted from the video game series, might start production as soon as 2019 (which isn’t that far away, folks).

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the legend of zelda tv series

A The Legend of Zelda TV series may be on its way from Castlevania producer Adi Shankar. The producer behind the hit Netflix anime series as well as feature films like Joseph Kahn’s Bodied is working on a TV series adaptation of an “iconic video game series” that is reported to be the beloved, long-running Nintendo franchise The Legend of Zelda.

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mega man movie

Ready for a live-action Mega Man movie from the directors of Catfish and two of the Paranormal Activity movies? Well, even if you’re not, that’s what’s happening. Capcom has confirmed Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman will helm a Mega Man movie that will bring the popular video game character to life. Mega Man has been around since the late 1980s, and Mega Man 11 just arrived this month.  Read More »

Dance Dance Revolution Movie

Apparently Dance Dance Revolution is still a popular enough video game craze that Hollywood wants to turn it into a movie.

The newly launched Stampede production banner from producer Greg Silverman is behind the effort to turn the dance video game from Konami into a feature length film. But how exactly can you turn a game about hitting the right combination of dance moves into a movie? Well, the answer is a thriller called The FP, but apparently this will be something different. Read More »

monster hunter cast

The Monster Hunter cast is starting to look bulk up. Joining video game movie veteran Milla Jovovich in Screen Gems’ adaptation of the Capcom video game are Hellboy‘s Ron Perlman and rapper-turned-actor T.I. Harris.

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Ralph Breaks the Internet Cast

This morning, a brand new trailer for Ralph Breaks the Internet arrived, showcasing even more footage from the parade of Disney intellectual property that the not-so-bad video game bad guy will encounter when he heads into the internet. That footage included the debut of some characters who we hadn’t yet seen, and thankfully, we know exactly who those characters are, and who will be voicing them. So let’s find out who else is in the Ralph Breaks the Internet cast. Read More »

Wreck-It Ralph VR

Disney and Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB previously teamed up with The VOID to launch the hyper-reality experience known as Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire. The VR project puts fans in the middle of the Star Wars universe at select locations around the United States. Now, one of Disney’s animated franchises will be following in those same virtual footsteps.

Ralph Breaks the Internet will take the not-so-bad video game bad guy Wreck-It Ralph into the internet for the first time, and in the same vein, Disney will put Ralph Breaks VR in front of your eyeballs. The new multi-sensory Disney adventure will put fans inside the worlds of the internet and online gaming alongside Ralph and his candy-haired companion, Vanellope Von Schweetz. Find out more about the Wreck-It Ralph VR project below. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

riot games

Leslie Iwerks, the Academy Award and Emmy-nominated filmmaker behind The Pixar Story, has been secretly working on a major documentary about the video game industry.

If you looked at Iwerks’ IMDb page over the past 18 months, you’d see an in-development project referred to only as “Untitled Enterprise Documentary.” On the official website of her production company, the documentary is listed as “confidential” and the following vague synopsis is given: “Iwerks & Co. has delved deep into one of the highest profile entertainment entities to document the company’s dynamic push to transform and buck the trends of the established industry.”

But this week, we learned a bit more about this secretive project. It turns out that this movie is about one of the biggest gaming companies in the world: League of Legends creator Riot Games. And with that revelation comes some recent baggage.

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