Black Adam Reportedly Adds Post-Credits Scene With Ties To The DC Universe

Another day, another report on the continuing fallout from Warner Bros. Discovery's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week. This one, however, includes a small tidbit of good news for those looking forward to a certain comic book movie that's set to "change the hierarchy of power" in the DC Universe.

By now, there's probably little point in rehashing the studio's jaw-dropping revelation that their "Batgirl" movie, always in a somewhat tenuous position due to being greenlit under a different regime with different priorities, would forgo its planned streaming release altogether and simply never see the light of day. The bloodbath affected the animated "Scoob!" sequel as well, with their recent investor's call not doing much to quell the backlash and calm the situation down. Since then, we've received further updates and speculation (and distractions) about the unfolding situation, but the real headline-grabber focuses squarely on the current plans for Warner Bros.' DC movies.

While much remains in the air, we're starting to receive a trickle of new information that heavily suggests that at least one would-be film series may serve a larger purpose in the grand scheme of things. Hint: this will probably make Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson deliriously happy. In a new report by THR on the state of the DC Universe and the "confusion" surrounding the superhero franchise, one stray detail reveals that the upcoming "Black Adam" — The Rock's long-gestating passion project — has undergone test screenings this past June and, reportedly, includes a new post-credits scene that further ties the film into the larger universe.

The DC universe gets more Black Adam-y

It's looking more and more like this is The Rock's world and DC fans are just living in it.

Amid some more doom-and-gloom reporting on morale over at Warner Bros.' DC films division ("pissed" is apparently the operative word to describe how most feel about CEO David Zaslav's comments regarding, essentially, making DC movies great again), the THR article lets slip one intriguing detail ahead of the October release of "Black Adam." According to the report, the film will now include a post-credits stinger that will be "introducing a new element to Johnson's place in the DC Universe." What that means specifically is anyone's guess, ranging from a typical sequel tease pointing to the movie star's continued presence in the franchise to, dare we even suggest it, a potential appearance by Henry Cavill to pay off on Johnson's years-long campaign to pit his villainous Black Adam versus Superman himself.

Whatever the case may be, it appears clear that DC films under Zaslav's guidance will likely pivot towards giving The Rock's Black Adam (and possibly his various supporting characters) a strong, central focus moving forward. The report doesn't include any word on how well that test screening was received by (it must be mentioned, notoriously fickle) audience members, but the film's buzzy Comic-Con panel in July sure seems to indicate the studio's confidence in the upcoming project.

The DC Universe as a whole may still be in for some uncertain times in the long run, but the immediate future of the franchise looks extremely antiheroic.