Zazie Beetz In Talks To Return In Joker: Folie à Deux, Confirming Her Character Is Probably Not Dead

Were you under the impression that circumstances over at Warner Bros. have been a little ... chaotic ... lately? Well, what better way to try and spin the PR cycle into something more positive than by engaging the services of the agent of chaos himself! (You're laughing. Warner Bros. Discovery is in full damage-control mode and you're laughing.)

We recently received word that the sequel to "Joker," the surprising Todd Phillips-directed hit, either elegantly or pretentiously titled (depending on who you talk to) Joker: Folie à Deux, is 100% happening and has already laid claim to a theatrical release date in October 2024. Now, as if to dispel the rather obvious notion that such news was predominantly meant as a distraction, yet another update has come down the pipeline — this time, concerning the film's cast.

Joaquin Phoenix, of course, is already set to return as the profoundly troubled Arthur Fleck, aka the eponymous Joker. As suggested by that title, he'll be joined by his partner in crime played by Lady Gaga, reportedly as some version of Harley Quinn in a deranged musical setting. But according to Variety, one key cast member from the first film may be circling a return visit to the crime-ridden streets of Gotham. Zazie Beetz, who originally portrayed single mother and Arthur's neighbor Sophie Dumond, is "being eyed" to reprise her role as the unfortunate target of Arthur's delusional affections. Nothing about this appears confirmed at this point (although Deadline puts it in much more concrete terms), so we'll have to stay tuned for when "in talks" translates to Beetz officially signing on the dotted line.

Zazie Beetz circles a return in Joker: Folie à Deux

True news: the ever-busy Zazie Beetz is circling a return trip back to the dark, disturbing, and distractingly Martin Scorsese-inspired world of "Joker." In one of the original film's most uncomfortable sequences, laying bare the title character's creepy, incel-like mindset, we find out that all of Arthur's seemingly romantic interactions with Sophie had been nothing more than fantasies all along. If you remember, Arthur's subsequent rampage and (largely incidental?) role in provoking a class war on the streets of Gotham left Sophie's fate largely in the air. Should Beetz return, it's possible it could be entirely as more made-up delusions in Arthur's mind, as her actual character in the flesh (who would be confirmed to be alive, but also undoubtedly more creeped out by her unwell neighbor than ever before), or both.

In any case, this would mark only the latest high-profile role for the in-demand actor. Set to star in the upcoming final season of FX's "Atlanta," committed to an ongoing voice role in "Invincible," and currently able to be seen on the big screen in "Bullet Train," Beetz will also appear in an episode of "Black Mirror" before filming is set to begin for the "Joker" sequel this December.

Barring any other unforeseen theatrical shake-ups on Warner Bros.' part, "Joker: Folie à Deux" is set to arrive on October 4, 2024.