Sideshow's The Mandalorian And Grogu Premium Format Statue Balances The Force [Exclusive]

Our friends at Sideshow Collectibles have flown the Razor Crest to our home planet to deliver one of their coolest Star Wars collectibles yet: The Mandalorian and Grogu Premium Format Statue, which we were lucky enough to get to unbox. As you will see in said unboxing, this pairing of the armored lone wolf Din Djarin and his faithful cub Grogu cuts an iconic pose that will defy gravity once it rests on your shelf.

A hybrid of polystone and ABS (that Grogu pram is made out of light plastic for a reason), The Mandalorian and Grogu Premium Format piece stands at 20" inches tall and 14.7" inches wide. Produced in a Limited Edition run of 7500 at a retail price of $635 (with payment plan options), it's hard to imagine a statue that better exemplifies the bond between these two characters from the hit Disney+ series "The Mandalorian," which recently completed filming on its hotly-anticipated third season. 

Enjoy our detailed unboxing below, and check out some more Sideshow goodness with our previous Batman, Cable, ThanosWolverine, and Bounty Hunter Premium Format Statue unboxings!

Art Box

Sometimes Sideshow likes to barely tease the figure inside the box on the outside of the box, but not so here. This piece is very forward with graphics explicitly showing you what you're getting inside, sans base details. It's a simple studio shot of the statue in front, while the reverse has a cool shot of it with a plume of orange smoke behind. If you really want to have fun you could simply plunk this big box right on top of the rocky base and call it a day!


With nine pieces in total, this statue is moderately complex to put together, and necessitates a certain build order as well, as you will see. That said, the packaging is very organized and well put together, with several of the more delicate pieces wrapped in an extra layer of white foam paper in addition to the individual plastic bags. Pro-tip: Unboxings like this one make for good reference if you ever need to re-pack for any reason!


While a rocky base has become something of a cliché among collectible statues, this is one of the more gorgeous examples. Check out the level of detail and variety of paint work that has gone into it, including those beautiful cracks running across. It's a no-frills base without any extra aliens or hunks of spaceship embedded in it, but anything more would distract from the strength of the pose.


The first part you'll want to apply is the main figure, which makes up the bulk of the statue. Most of its accessories are contained, and snapping on the remaining parts is fairly easy, although you will want to attach the Amban sniper rifle BEFORE you attach the cape.


The head itself is very impressive, with that signature Teutonic Knight-style helmet slit that instantly aligns the character as a Mandalorian within the Star Wars universe. From the comparison with my hand you can see it's a good size as well, somewhere between a golf ball and a softball, with a really nice reflective sheen and detailed weathering that you will notice has been applied over the whole of the armor. 

Grogu In Pram

The now-iconic floating pram of Grogu (aka Baby Yoda) is the biggest hunk made entirely out of that ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) that we mentioned at the beginning. Of course, this little green guy has to rest on a fairly precarious perch on the end of Mando's cape (you can see the nub where it attaches above), so this would have to be pretty lightweight. It's still very sturdy, and somehow retains the same level of detail the rest of the statue has. It feels neither cheap nor toy-like, and is pretty darn cute too.

Amban Sniper Rifle

A cross between a Tuskan Raider's Cycler rifle and the Amban phase-pulse blaster first seen being carried by Boba Fett in 1978's "The Star Wars Holiday Special," Din Djarin's weapon of choice is his most prominent accessory here. It's made out of lightweight material (probably the ABS again), but is such a glorious sculpt that you would probably have a hard time telling the scale from this photo alone. The butt end of it really does look like wood texture, and the prongs at the front have a cool multi-color sheen. 

Full Reveal

Here is The Mandalorian and Grogu Premium Format Statue in all its glory! Probably the most instantly noticeable feature of its complete form is how cool the pram looks seeming to float in mid-air. The mid-walk pose and the way the cape is flowing in the wind helps carry the illusion that Baby Yoda is floating off the ground next to his faithful bodyguard. 

Reverse View

That floating illusion is actually sustained fairly well from the back as well, where it appears like the cape is merely connecting to the pram as it flaps in the breeze. Also note the wonderful dusty weathering on the bottom of his cape, a tried-and-true Sideshow specialty. 

Whistling Bird

One of The Mandalorian's trustiest weapons in his stable are the Whispering Bird mini-missiles that launch out of his left wrist, typically utilized when the guy's in a tight jam like being surrounded by stormtroopers. This accessory looks especially cool here, including the way each little barrel is hollowed out in very realistic fashion. 


We were very enamored with the rocky base, but once we saw the way the boots connected to it we were even more impressed. Sideshow just seems to be expert at creating poses that distribute the weight just right way while seeming to go against the typical action figure protocol of having both feet flat on the ground for balance. You even get some great detail on the soles of his boots. You can pretty much guarantee that no detail was spared anywhere here, even the parts that most viewers will never see when it's displayed. 

Utility Belt

The Mandalorian's IB-94 blaster pistol is the coolest piece attached to his utility belt, while you can also see from this vantage the place where the peg for the Amban sniper rifle rests seamlessly on his belt. Note the fine layer of dirt and dust painted onto the armor plating. 

Mudhorn Signet

In the second episode of "The Mandalorian" titled "Chapter 2: The Child," our Mandalorian hero is nearly killed by a giant mudhorn beast before Grogu uses The Force to lift it off the ground, allowing Mando to kill it. He chose this signet to adorn his new Beskar armor not only to prominently display his kill, but as a reminder that this was how he discovered Grogu's incredible abilities. It's an important story point for the show as well as one of the coolest details of this statue, recreated in precise detail from the costume. 

Grogu Detail

Here you can see even more detail on Grogu, whose wide-eyed lovable-ness saturates the sculpt. His eyes in particular have a wonderful sheen to them, and give off a reflective glow that allows us to connect to him even more. 

This Is The Way

Overall, The Mandalorian and Grogu Premium Format Statue stands tall among the many Star Wars collectibles Sideshow has up for offer. Not only is it remarkable for defying gravity and achieving a great level of detail, but also for capturing the essence of both characters that for a new generation of fans have become central, beloved figures. Order one today!