The Mandalorian Season 3 Has Finished Filming

It's that time again: Another beloved show has wrapped filming for the season, so we can all wait with bated breath, twiddling our thumbs until a release date materializes and we can start counting down. Today, that show is the "Star Wars" series/cultural phenomenon "The Mandalorian" — which will undoubtedly make fans boil over with excitement. Despite the fact that we're still in the dark surrounding the majority of season 3, it appears the show has finished filming. 

Twitter account Star Wars Stuff shared a tweet on Tuesday, March 29 saying that filming had wrapped on the season. The account linked out to a now-deleted Instagram post, but according to The Direct, the post was from costume department crew member Amanda Ramirez.

"That's a wrap from a galaxy far, far away," she wrote via social media, according to the outlet. "Thanks for having me this season; it was an absolutely amazing adventure!! Can't wait for the next one." The craftswoman posted several celebratory photos of the production in honor of wrapping, including a few group crew photos, cross stitch miniature Grogus, and an embroidery commemorating the costume department for the season that featured the titular character's signature helmet and the number three.

Additionally, supporting actor and sometimes director Carl Weathers — who plays Greef Karga — retweeted Star Wars Stuff's post and added, "...And what a season of WONDERFULNESS! #BePeace." His comment appears to be a confirmation that production has wrapped as a whole on season 3 and not just for the costume department.

What to expect from The Mandalorian this season

Sadly for the fans, pretty much all of the plot details for season 3 have been kept tightly under wraps. With the exception of Christopher Lloyd joining the cast — an exciting addition that was revealed earlier this month — there is little information about what to expect when the season drops. The only thing we know about Lloyd's stint on the show is that it is a guest-starring role.

However, one thing we do know is that Weathers will be returning to the director's chair after lending his eye to "The Siege," episode four of the second season of the show. The actor confirmed the news that he would be directing once again via Twitter in February 2022. "Affirmative as DIRECTOR! #"This Is The Way." #BePeace," Weathers wrote at the time.

"The Mandalorian" has yet to receive a release date for season 3, but if you have a hankering for the corner of the "Star Wars" galaxy the show has given us, you could finally get around to watching the spin-off series "The Book of Boba Fett." After all, several characters from "The Mandalorian" make major appearances in "Boba Fett," which premiered at the end of 2021. Hey, it's not a bad way to pass the time while we wait for more "Mandalorian," just saying.