Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun For Hire Statue Proves Sideshow Can Do Originals [Exclusive]

If you are a fan of Sideshow Collectibles like we are, then you know the company puts out incredible premium statues from popular IP like Marvel, DC, and Star Wars. However, if you're a true blue fan of the brand, you also know they have been churning out original items of their own as well, including the elaborate mythos of the Court of the Dead. They more recently unleashed a trio of Sideshow Originals meant to represent three different genre archetypes through a female lens: Fantasy, Horror, and Sci-Fi. 

It is the latter we are diving into today for an unboxing of their Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun For Hire statue. At a retail price of $475 and existing only in a limited run of 1500, the Collector's Edition version we're taking a look at is a gorgeous tribute to modern space opera design. This character could easily have stepped out of a fan favorite movie, series, or video game, but because this is an original character made up out of whole cloth by the brilliant Sideshow design team, it becomes elevated to a simply outstanding work of art. You can also still acquire the Exclusive version ($485) which comes with an extra switch-out hand holding a laser blade.

Enjoy our detailed unboxing below, and check out some more Sideshow goodness with our recent Batman, Cable, Thanos, and Wolverine Premium Format Statue unboxings!

Art Box

First up, we have the art box, which boasts that '80s-infused logo and some high-saturation neon graphics. The side features a still image inspired by the fun "taped-on-VHS" trailer that revealed all three statues in the line, while the back shows off our hero in all her glory while teasing the other two companion pieces. 


As is standard for a Sideshow piece, the styrofoam packaging is tight and perfectly contoured to each individually wrapped piece for maximum protection during shipping. A pro-tip: Always photograph this open box before you remove anything, because you never know when you might need to put it back and will have a hard time remembering where every piece goes. Likewise, you can always refer back to unboxings like this one!


The base certainly enhances the storytelling involved in the bounty hunter character, creating a platform (possibly on a spaceship) for "the deadliest human in the galaxy" to rise up out of to battle the tentacle beasts at her feet. 


As you can see, the figure itself, along with the base, make up the majority of this statue, with only a few pieces like the head, hands, and tentacle creatures to snap on with Sideshow's standard magnetic keys. Also note how the dyed colors of her hair match up with the general scheme of her suit. 

Gun Detail

The quasar-pulse rifle that the Bounty Hunter keeps on display is known affectionately as Big Bang Betty to her, and boy does this weapon earn the title. It's a very sleek design that matches the overall sci-fi aesthetic on display here. 


The gloves Bounty Hunter wears have some of the finest detail sculpting in the whole piece, an intricate pair of protective hand gear on an otherwise mostly form-fitting outfit. We imagine these gloves are very useful in hand-to-hand combat situations which may arise from time to time. 


Her jump-jet boots are clearly a very important part of her overall technical support system, and judging by the creatures nipping at her toes, they may need to be utilized imminently. Notice the great way they nearly defy gravity in the way she is posed. 


While the marketing behind the Bounty Hunter refers to a "twelve-eyed, four-armed Chaslorian," we're not sure this is what it's referring to. These beasties are more reminiscent of the Graboids from the cult favorite "Tremors" franchise, but of course this statue brings its own flair to slug-like beings. It's great the way the designers chose to wrap the creatures around the base so that the extra pieces that are keyed into it later feel fully integrated, creating a full tableau. 

Jet Pack

Certainly the most technologically advanced aspect of the reverse view is her rocket-engine backpack, which one would imagine works in tandem with her jump-jet boots if she really needs to do some high-flying ass-kicking while collecting her prey. 

A Gorgeous Glimpse Into a Faraway Galaxy

At 19" inches tall, the Bounty Hunter: Galactic Gun for Hire statue is a thing of badass beauty, the work of sculptor Dan Ulrich as well as designers David Igo, Ian MacDonald, and Jean-Paul Mavinga. It could potentially be a perfect Sideshow Collectibles gateway drug, as its lack of affiliation with any specific franchise makes it in some ways more accessible. 

More in the Series

While you're at it, why not collect the full trilogy of Sideshow Originals statues including Dragon Slayer: Warrior Forged in Flame and Dark Sorceress: Guardian of the Void? Having the companion pieces might just unlock a portal into another realm ... or, more likely, be the start of a very cool statue collection.