Sideshow's Wolverine Premium Format Statue Is Loaded With Berserker Rage [Exclusive]

Our pals at the always-incredible Sideshow Collectibles have provided us with a copy of their wicked cool Wolverine Premium Format Statue, part of their continuing X-Men lineup. At 15.5-inches tall this polystone work of art is not the most gargantuan thing the company has ever put out... in fact we just reviewed the 24.5-inch Cable Premium Format that would tower over this guy. 

That's part of the point, though, as the character in the 616 Marvel comics is only supposed to be a scrappy five-foot-three. Thus, if you're collecting some of the other pieces in this line Logan should be perfectly proportional with his fellow teammates! With a limited edition run of 4000 at a retail price of $575 (with payment plan options) this is a very good value, especially for one of the most iconic superheroes of all-time.

Enjoy our detailed unboxing below, and check out some of the other Sideshow goodness in our recent Holiday Gift Guide as well as our Batman Premium Format Statue unboxing!

Art Box

We love it when an art box only teases the figure that awaits inside, which is exactly what this one does. That iconic triple-claw slash could only mean one thing is inside, and the "X" ties it in with a healthy amount of texture. 


The packaging here is very simple, no nonsense. There's only five items in all, which makes this one of the easier Sideshow pieces to assemble. 


The straightforward assembly starts with the base, which is a recreation of the hand of a giant Sentinel. It's so great when a base can incorporate other characters, and the Sentinel theme is repeated in the statue depicting Wolverine's counterpart, X23.

Base Detail

Closer up you can see the level of detail and storytelling in the hand, which has not only been torn from its robot body but also torn apart by Logan's adamantium claws. The paint job here is excellent, giving us a reflective metal-like surface with lots of smoke damage. 


The simple assembly continues with the placement of the figure, which fits easily into its keyhole at the base. The balance on this figure is also excellent, with none of the wobble you might expect from such a precarious angle. 

Full Reveal

A thing of hyper-violent beauty! As you can see here one of the reasons this statue comes in with a smaller height than we're used to from the Premium Format brand is the crouching lean the superhero is in. If he were standing bolt upright the piece would be much taller, but you have to love the sheer dynamism of this pose. 

Reverse View

The look seems particularly inspired by the great Jim Lee run in the early 90's, which was later cemented in pop culture by the Fox Saturday morning cartoon show. For many this is THE iconic look for the character, even to this day. The reverse angle is so boss looking it would not be unheard of for one to place it for viewing like this, perhaps with Wolverine facing off against another character. 


Those adamantium claws are executed perfectly here. Every curve feels ripped from the pages of the comics, with careful reflective paint with a subtle spatter effect on it that sells it as the indestructible metal. 


The bulging muscles and veins are very cool, and the hairy nature of the beastly Logan is implied by carefully carved hatches. The shoulder armor also helps cut that all-too-important silhouette. 


These boots are very complex but also feel utilitarian, like something you would want to wear into battle, not just to look cool. Look at the way the material is sculpted with the appropriate amount of bend and rumpling from the pose.


Wolverine may be short, but he's all man, bub. For years the 20th Century Fox X-Men movies sidestepped this look in favor of black leather, yet this statue proves that the look can be viable in a realistic/cinematic context. Especially with those toned abs!

Costume Texture

One of the things that sells the suit is the incredible texturing job they did, both on the yellow portions of the uniform as well as the more subtle variations in the blue patches. 

Get the Statue, Bub

All in all this is a truly iconic statue depicting one of the most statued characters in the Marvel Universe. If you only want one Wolvie statue on your shelf you might as well make a little bit of room for this one!