Sideshow's Batman Premium Format Statue Might Have The Best Batsuit Ever Designed [Exclusive]

Sideshow Collectibles was good enough to send us their stunning Batman Premium Format Figure, which may, in our humble opinion, be the definitive Batman statue. It pieces together some of the best elements of both the movie and comic book Batsuits, then takes it to another level of incredible detail and polish. If you could only have one centerpiece Batman in your collection, you might want to seriously consider making it this one. Check out our detailed unboxing below as we take you through each and every inch of this 23.5-inch tall polyresin masterpiece. Featured in our recent Holiday Gift Guide (along with some other choice Sideshow items) and retailing for $590, it's being released in a limited edition 2,500 piece run.

Art Box

The black and white Ben-Day dots aesthetic on the front of the box helps set the mood for the piece, giving you a taste of the statue without giving away the whole enchilada. Meanwhile, the back of the art box features graphics depicting Gotham City and the stylized Bat-Signal above. It gives the whole thing a noir edge, which is very in keeping with what's inside.


As far as Sideshow pieces go, the Batman Premium Format has to be one of the simplest in terms of parts. It comes packed with the base, body, head, and two hands, along with a cape which is contained in a separate compartment and clearly marked with a sticker so you're not saying "Where's the cape???" over and over in a panic. With so few pieces you would think this must not be a very complex sculpt, but as you'll see in the slides to come, that's not the case at all.


Positioning a character on a pile of dirt or rubble has become a go-to move for comic book-based statues, but this one takes that idea to a very stylized place by depicting Gotham Cemetery. This is very symbolic, as it is not only the resting place of Thomas and Martha Wayne (Bruce's parents), but also Amadeus Arkham, founder of Arkham Asylum. The carvings on the tombstone seem to read "MAD DOG," which refers to Martin "Mad Dog" Hawkins, who killed Amadeus' family and then became the first inmate of the Asylum before eventually being killed by the good doctor through electroshock therapy. The number 41 may be in reference to the number of comic book appearances of Amadeus Arkham. Both the tombstones and the brick work here have a stunning level of detail and realism. 

The Figure

Once you attach the figure, you can see how impressive it looks even before you add on the enormous leather cape. The pose emphasizes the strength and power of Batman. You can see the socket where the head will plug in and remain, thanks to the help of very strong magnets. 

Reverse Figure

The great thing about these statues is the level of detail extends 360 degrees, so every angle has cool features. When you turn it around, you can see not only how swole Batman is, but also the way the costume fits together. It's somewhere between Ben Affleck's bulky, Frank Miller-inspired outfit from the Zack Snyder movies and the "Arkham Asylum" video game version of the suit. From the looks of it, it almost seems like Bruce Wayne has to be bolted into this thing, and the way all the pieces interconnect is amazing. The different armor plates also emphasize the "knight" aspect of The Dark Knight, similar to what Christopher Nolan did in his trilogy. The bottom of his utility belt here clearly displays the first of several hidden Bat-symbols in the costume. 


The boots appear to be both bulky and durable. Batman kicks a lot of criminal ass, and he needs the right shoes to do so. You can see another hidden Bat-symbol in the laces of the boots. 


Every Batman needs a great chin, and this one has that in spades. The signature white eyes from the comics are there under the cowl, and his jaw is sculpted into the perfect menacing grimace. The painting on the face is fantastic, even providing a hint of stubble. The face very much harkens back to Jim Lee's work on the character during the beginning of the New 52 era.

Full Reveal

Now we finally add on the expertly tailored fabric cape, which has internal wiring that allows you to customize the shape of it. The way we have it positioned here is pretty much how it naturally flowed once we placed the head into the socket. As you can see, the cape brings the whole thing together and adds a new dimension of dramatic flair that makes the character who he is. How you position this cape may dictate how much room you need for it on your shelf or mantle.

Reverse Cape

It must be said that even from the back, this statue has an amazing look to it. You can also see that the folks at Sideshow even added the inevitable dirt and grime that would cake itself onto the cape during a hard day of crimefighting.

An Artful Pose

Another aspect of this piece that makes it worthy of all-timer status is the sheer artistry behind it. The folks at Sideshow aren't just inspired by movies and comics, but by classic statuary, and that comes through in a big way here, as they clearly understand what realistic weathering would look like on different statuary and rock. The team that developed this piece includes Martin Canale (Design & Sculpt), Guillermo Barbiero (Sculpt), Ian MacDonald (Design), Alex Pascenko (Design), Adam Smith, Chadwick Andersen, Bernardo Esquivel (Paint), Tim Hanson (Costume Fabrication), Scott Wade (Design), Matt Molen (Design), and Zane Yarbrough (Design).


One of the cooler aspects is the look of Batman's hands, as the gloves he uses seem very utilitarian in that they are clearly meant to grab hold of skyscraper ledges and to pound bad guys' faces in. These look more than up to the task, and the overlapping plating leaves no guess work as to how Batman accomplishes what he does. He may not have superpowers, but this suit makes him a true superhero.

Bat Chaps

One aspect of this costume that some less mature people on the internet have made fun of is how Batman appears to be wearing leather chaps. But once you get close, as we do here, you can see it's really just another aspect of the interlocking plates of armor in that sensitive "below the utility belt" area. And even if it were meant to evoke chaps, it would certainly not be the first time a superhero has been sexualized via his/her outfit.

A Must-Have

The Batman Premium Format Statue is an exemplar of what Sideshow does best: Taking all the best aspects of a character's mythology and blending them into something new which somehow encapsulates their persona perfectly. This is an all-timer, and almost makes one wish they would use this design in the DC Extended Universe movies moving forward. Hands down, this is one of (if not the) best Batsuits ever designed. Period.