‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Season 4 Begins Production

star trek discovery season 4

Following its renewal last month, Star Trek: Discovery is going straight into warp speed for production of its upcoming fourth season. Production on Star Trek: Discovery season 4 has officially begun, announced co-showrunner Michelle Paradise, who executive produces the hit sci-fi series with Alex Kurtzman.

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star trek discovery post-production

Last week, word broke that Star Trek: Discovery had already been renewed for season 4, and that the new season would start production next month. This raises one big question: how? As we all know, the coronavirus – which is still very much around, with cases starting to spike again in the United States – has made production on TV and movies somewhat tricky right now. But Discovery has an ace up their sleeve: home-based post-production. At least, that’s what was used to finish the recently-premiered season 3. Who knows what the future holds?

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star trek discovery season 4

CBS All Access, which should probably change its name to the Star Trek Channel at this point, just went ahead and ordered Star Trek: Discovery season 4. Well, the decision probably wasn’t just made, because it turns out production is set to start next month. In all likelihood, CBS All Access made the decision months ago, but waited to announce now because Star Trek: Discovery season 3 just premiered.

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Star Trek Panel NYCC 2020

A virtual version of New York Comic Con is kicking off today. How will it stack up against the disastrous Comic-Con at Home earlier this summer, or the comparatively spectacular DC FanDome virtual experience? We’ll find out over the next few days, but let’s get started with an hour-long panel devoted to the Star Trek Universe, including two CBS All Access series, Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Discovery, as well as some fascinating news about a returning Starfleet captain in an animated show for Nickelodeon. Set your phasers to “recap,” because we have a lot of ground (or it is space?) to cover. You can watch the full panel, or just get the highlights, below.
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Star Trek Discovery season 3 trailer

Happy Star Trek Day, everyone. Today is the anniversary of the first airing of the original Star Trek TV series back in 1966, and to celebrate, the StarTrek.com has launched a virtual convention full of panel discussions and retrospective looks back at the franchise over the years.

During the Star Trek: Discovery panel earlier today, CBS All Access debuted a brand new trailer for the upcoming third season of the show, which shows what happens to the crew of the U.S.S. Discovery after they were flung forward nearly a thousand years in time at the end of the second season. Check out the new trailer below.  Read More »

Star Trek Day

Following in the footsteps of the DC FanDome virtual convention, CBS All Access has announced their own 24-hour virtual celebration called Star Trek Day for Tuesday, September 8. But this isn’t just a look forward at what Star Trek: Discovery and the other new shows have in store on CBS All Access (though there will be news about them). This is a full-on Star Trek celebration that will bring fans together to watch exclusive panel programming and initiatives from all of the Star Trek shows that fans have absorbed since 1966 and one that has yet to arrive. Get the details below. Read More »

The Star Trek franchise continues to grow and change in fascinating ways, and its latest growth involves the casting of the franchise’s first-ever transgender and non-binary characters. Star Trek: Discovery season 3 has added Blu del Barrio and Ian Alexander to its cast, putting Star Trek one step closer to creator Gene Roddenberry’s vision of an optimistic future in which everyone on this planet is viewed equally, regardless of race or gender identity.
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Star Trek Discovery Season 3 Trailer

Star Trek: Discovery kicked off the new era of the final frontier as the first Trek-related series on the CBS All Access streaming service back in 2017. Not only is a third season on the way, but there’s the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds spin-off coming, too. But if you’ve missed out on Star Trek: Discovery because you haven’t felt like signing up for CBS All Access, this fall will give you an opportunity to start catching up, because the first season will be airing on CBS as part of the network’s fall schedule. Read More »

star trek discovery season 3

CBS All Access announced that season 3 of its hit original series Star Trek: Discovery will premiere in October, six months after the second season finished airing on the ViacomCBS streaming service. The 13-episode third season of Star Trek: Discovery will be available on demand weekly on Thursdays for CBS All Access subscribers in the U.S.

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The greatest science fiction franchise of all time kicked off Comic-Con at Home with a mega-panel dedicated to just about every show, ongoing, new, and upcoming, in the current Trek universe. In addition to segments dedicated to Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek: Picard, and Star Trek: Lower Decks, the panel offered some tidbits about the recently announced Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and officially revealed the title of the latest Trek series.

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