child's play remake score

The Child’s Play remake has found its composer. Bear McCreary, who has provided music for The Walking Dead10 Cloverfield Lane, and more, will create the Child’s Play remake score, giving Mark Hamill‘s Chucky plenty of music to murder to. Orion Pictures announced McCreary as the composer today, and unveiled a teaser video featuring the artist revealing some of the music that will be used in the film. Check it out below.

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hellboy featurette

Lionsgate is making sure Hellboy is a movie that will be seared onto your eyeballs, and your eardrums. The studio released a new Hellboy featurette spotlighting the film’s gruesome practical effects and makeup, crafted by the Academy Award-winning make-up artist Joel Harlow, best known for his work on Star Trek. On top of that, our the first listen of the Hellboy music score composed by Benjamin Wallfisch is out on the interwebs, and it is literal fire. Read More »

game of thrones season 8 song

Updated: The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott’s song will be part of a star-studded Game of Thrones-inspired soundtrack released by Columbia Records. See the full list of artists featured on the season 8 soundtrack below.

Game of Thrones has had pop singers and rockstars make cameos on the show, but never before has it had a Top 40 hit. That may change with a new collaboration from The Weeknd, SZA, and Travis Scott set to bring hip-hop to Westeros.

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pet sematary soundtrack
Pet Sematary
is now playing everywhere, and with it comes a spooky, atmospheric score from Christopher Young. That name will likely sound familiar to horror fans – he composed the music for Hellraiser, along with SinisterDrag Me to Hell and more. Sometimes, horror movie scores can be a touch generic, relying heavily on loud stings. But Young’s Pet Sematary soundtrack bucks that trend, creating a haunting, unsettling soundscape that immediately gives you the creeps. And yes, the soundtrack features a cover of the Ramones Pet Sematary song, because how could it not? Stream the Pet Sematary soundtrack below.

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the best of enemies soundtrack

Marcelo Zarvos, the composer of soundtracks for Wonder, Fences and more, brings his music to the upcoming true story The Best of Enemies. Leaning heavily on guitars and plucked strings to evoke the feeling of the American South, Zarvos’ soundtrack will be available this week, coinciding with the release of the film. Below, hear an exclusive track from The Best of Enemies soundtrack.

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missing link soundtrack

Carter Burwell, one of the best film composers in the business, lends his singular talents to the upcoming Laika animated film Missing Link. Light, playful, and immediately recognizable as something created by Burwell (Carol, Fargo and many more), the Missing Link score is a treat. We have an exclusive track from Burwell’s Missing Link soundtrack, and you can hear it below.

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score academy

Tom Holkenborg, aka Junkie XL, is preparing to teach a whole new generation of film composers. The composer behind the scores of films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Deadpool, is launching the SCORE Academy, an annual year-long program that offers emerging composing talents the chance at hands-on instruction with him.

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terminator dark fate soundtrack

Junkie XL, AKA Tom Holkenborg, is set to lend his signature sound to the Terminator: Dark Fate soundtrack. The composer, who has provided scores for Mad Max: Fury Road and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, also worked with Dark Fate director Tim Miller before on Deadpool. The sixth (and potentially final) Terminator film hopes to restore some dignity to a series that’s been on shaky ground for years.

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dune score

Aside from John Williams, Hans Zimmer is in a rarified group of modern film composers who have celebrity status and widespread recognition based on their names alone. Zimmer is an Oscar winner who’s crafted scores for films like The Lion King, Thelma & Louise, Gladiator, Inception, and dozens more, and now he’s adding another sci-fi notch to his belt: Zimmer will provide the Dune score for Denis Villeneuve‘s upcoming movie adaptation of the classic Frank Herbert novel.

Production has begun on the new movie, and a press release confirms Zimmer’s involvement, gives us our first official synopsis, and teases that a Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actor may be joining this film’s already-stacked cast.
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Us Soundtrack

We’ve got one more week until Jordan Peele blows us all away again with his sophomore directing effort Us. The film has received rave reviews after its world premiere at South by Southwest, and audiences are eager to see what the comedian-turned-horror-mastermind has up his sleeve. But until then, we’ve got a good way to pass the time.

The official soundtrack for Us is available today, and while you might want to hold off on listening to the score until you actually see the movie (that’s a personal rule of mine), there’s one track you can listen to absolutely guilt-free. In fact, it’s a song you’ve heard several times before: “I Got 5 On It” by Luniz. But the hip-hop track was made to be truly chilling with a creepy remix in the first trailer for Us. And that’s the version that has been released online today. Listen to the song from the Us soundtrack below. Read More »