Virtual Cannes Market

The Virtual Cannes Market is currently in full swing, which means we’re learning about a whole slew of new movies. These films are hoping to find backing so they can eventually find their way to audiences. Dream big, Cannes Market movies. Dream big. Three new titles announced include films featuring Bruce Willis, Liam Neeson, and Chris Pine.

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Another Round trailer

If the ongoing pandemic or the events of the past few weeks have driven you to drink a bit more than you might have otherwise (and who could blame you?), you may be interested in Another Round. It’s a new film in which Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) and his pals decide to see if they can live better by constantly keeping alcohol in their blood and drinking only “during work hours.”

But the guys are all high school teachers, so all this may not be the best idea – and deciding to push the boundaries of their own plan also seems like it may not be the best thing for their overall health and relationships. But it’s definitely the best thing for this movie, which looks entertaining as hell. Check out the trailer below. Read More »

canes 2020 lineup revealed

Cannes is still canceled, but the prestigious festival still decided to announce the films they planned to screen this year. Now, many of the films that played will now be able to use their Cannes selection to their advantage even if they won’t get to screen at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès. The Cannes 2020 lineup includes Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch, the Pixar film Soul, the Train to Busan sequel Penninsula, and more.

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cannes 2020 lineup

Cannes is still canceled, but that doesn’t mean we can’t daydream about what could’ve been. While the prestigious fest will not happen this year due to the coronavirus, festival organizers are still planning to release the names of the films they had hoped to screen. While this may seem futile at first glance, having your film associated in any way, shape, or form with Cannes lends said movie a certain amount of credibility. In other words, it’s an honor just to be nominated.

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cannes 2020 official selection

Despite the hopes and dreams of those involved, this year’s Cannes Film Festival is still canceled (or canneselled, if you will). The fest had been hoping to simply delay the event to a later date this summer, but at long last, festival director Thierry Frémaux is admitting defeat. However, the book isn’t closed yet on Cannes 2020. While there will be no festival – not even a digital version – Fremaux says there are still plans to announce the Cannes 2020 Official Selection this June.

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cannes 2020

The Cannes Film Festival is in limbo at the moment, and it’s becoming more and more likely that the fest just isn’t going to happen this year. The Cannes organizers previously announced that the fest’s original dates of May 12 through 23 were canceled, but there was still some hope the fest could be held at a later date – preferably late June or early July.

However, France’s coronavirus lockdown has just been extended, which has effectively killed that idea. However, the folks involved with Cannes are still not ready to give up the ghost just yet, and are hoping to stage some form of the festival this year. Meanwhile, Germany’s Munich Film Festival, which was scheduled for late June, has been canceled entirely.

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cannes virtual market

It was a long time coming, but it’s official: the Cannes Film Festival is canceled – or perhaps just postponed, depending on who you ask. Steps are already being taken for The Cannes Film Market, the Marche du Film, to set up a virtual market that would offer an online platform to screen feature films and more. Also: the festival might still happen. Reports indicate that the festival is “postponing the event until the end of June until the beginning of July.”

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Spike Lee Cannes

Spike Lee is about to make history as the first African-American to serve as jury president for the Cannes Film Festival. Lee had seven films premiere at the fest in the past, and will now preside over the 73rd annual Cannes Film Festival taking place from May 12-23, 2020. In other, not-so-great film festival news: the China Independent Film Festival has announced that it’s shuttering because it’s become “impossible” to continue in the country’s current political climate.

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Beanpole review

Kantemir Balagov’s bleak, brilliant Beanpole tells a very different story about the aftermath of the Second World War than what we’re used to seeing. Few countries were more violently affected than the Soviet Union, and this tale of the effect on the postbellum populace does justice to the scars left by the conflagration. The result is an emotionally shattering portrayal of two women and their struggles to adjust to their civilian lives. Read More »

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