Anya Stanley

Film/TV News, Movies, Horror
  • Anya is a columnist at Fangoria Magazine.
  • Her previous bylines include Rue Morgue, Cineaste, Birth. Movies. Death., Dread Central, and Scream Magazine.
  • She has penned multiple essays for physical Blu-ray releases including Kim Jee-woon's A Tale of Two Sisters, out now from Arrow Video.


Anya is a writer, critic, and author, and staunch Halloween 6 apologist. She began writing kaiju analyses and nunsploitation deep dives at Daily Grindhouse before picking up bylines at Birth Movies Death, Vague Visages, Rue Morgue, and femme cinema publications like Suspiria Magazine. In addition to her entries in film writing collections Scared Sacred: Idolatry, Religion and Worship in the Horror Film (from House of Leaves Publishing) and Samir Cinema: The Journal of Modern Film, Television & Streaming, her film criticism has been included in college class syllabi at St. John's University. Currently, the Rotten Tomatoes-approved critic contributes to a variety of film sites including The AV Club, Crooked Marquee, The Playlist, and most recently, the news desk at /Film.
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