Andrew Housman

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Staten Island, New York
Trinity College (Hartford, CT)
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Andrew has over three years of experience in freelance writing about pop culture and the entertainment world, having covered the comic industry on Comic Book Resources, as well as horror films on Screen Rant.
  • He enjoys sifting through old documents in the hopes of discovering something interesting, a skill that has aided him in researching news about film and television.
  • Horror and science fiction are his two main obsessions, though obviously all movies, TV shows, and books are beautiful.


Andrew is an avid writer, researcher, and movie-watcher who has published bylines on /Film, Comic Book Resources, and Screen Rant. He honed his writing and reporting skills while working on a longform project about the public transit system in Shanghai during the summer of 2016. Within the realm of film, Andrew has worked on the 2019 screening committee for the Hoboken FIlm Festival in Greenwood Lake, NY and played in the live band for the Trinity Film Festival's red carpet event in Hartford, CT. He also enjoys blogging and spouting armchair opinions on his Letterboxd profile.


Trinity College (the one in Connecticut) provided Andrew with an opportunity to volunteer and watch films at Cinestudio, a legendary Connecticut movie theater with both HD 4K digital and 70 mm film projectors. Andrew got a dual degree in History and Religious Studies, which had a lot more movie-watching than you'd think.
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