It Sounds Like The Supergirl Movie Is Also Getting Canceled By Warner Bros.

Unlike the narrative some invested parties may want fans to believe, not all is well in Flash land right now.

The industry at large (and specifically the artists most at risk of suffering the consequences) continue to reel from Warner Bros. Discovery's unprecedented and utterly befuddling attempts to once again completely upend the way the studio operates. If it wasn't worrisome enough that the creative teams behind costly movies like "Batgirl" and "Scoob! Holiday Haunt" could see all their efforts vaporize in an instant because of the need to balance a few accounting ledgers, an even more insidious problem appears to be festering and growing right beneath our feet.

Far from being an issue specific to Warner Bros. alone, Hollywood has never been able to consider itself the bastion of representation and inclusivity (in good faith, at least). This is partly why the initial announcements of movies like the Latina-led "Batgirl" and the similarly important casting of Sasha Calle as Supergirl in a supporting role in "The Flash" were met with such widespread celebration. Now, however, many fans can't help but notice another troubling trend beginning to develop that sees a very familiar demographic pushed aside and sidelined.

Now that "Batgirl" is no more, a new report indicates that a proposed "Supergirl" solo film is no longer in the cards.

The hits keep on coming

The additional disappointing details come courtesy of Rolling Stone, which reports that the future of the DC cinematic universe remains in greater flux than it already had been. Fans are no doubt overly familiar with the ongoing saga plaguing the long-delayed "The Flash" movie, much of which stems from the allegations of misconduct and disturbing behavior levied towards star Ezra Miller. It appears that one major casualty of both Miller's alleged actions (a new report suggests that "Insiders have begun to speculate that Zaslav might pull the plug on the actor's starring role in 'The Flash'") and Warner Bros. Discovery's own ongoing internal shake-ups will be Sasha Calle's "Supergirl" spin-off film. According to the report:

Insiders say 'Supergirl,' which is in development, is not likely to move forward. Sasha Calle, who plays the caped superheroine, is introduced in the upcoming 'The Flash.' 'Supergirl' was going to spin off of the Miller-led tentpole.

In terms of optics, the idea of canceling two major upcoming superhero movies led by women of color surely won't go over well in the eyes of many outside observers. While the studio may continue to claim that this is a result of cost-cutting measures — similar to what seems like a coordinated gutting of their own streaming service, HBO Max — the public opinion of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav is certain to take a turn for the worse. As far as the rest of the DC Universe is concerned, fans can expect even more changes and alterations.

Stay tuned to /Film for whatever updates come from this afternoon's Warner Bros. Discovery investors call.