Andrew Garfield Fan Tom Holland Also Wants The Amazing Spider-Man 3

"Spider-Man: No Way Home" has been out since mid-December and is already closing in on the domestic box office record held by James Cameron's "Avatar." It's currently the fourth highest-grossing film of all time, which means a lot of people have seen the movie already and we can hopefully talk about it a little more freely now. "No Way Home" took the box office again last weekend, but if you're one of the few improbable Marvelites left on Earth who still hasn't seen it somehow, you may want to look away now, as Tom Holland himself is about to reveal some major spoilers.

Holland is out doing promotions for his next movie, "Uncharted," which pairs him with Mark Wahlberg. However, while speaking with, he took time to gush about one of his "No Way Home" costars, Andrew Garfield. That's right: Holland isn't so territorial about the Spider-Man movie series that he thinks there's room for only one (or one mega-sequel with three wall-crawlers, including Tobey Maguire). Here is what he said:

"I would love to see 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3.' I think what was so wonderful was how Andrew was able to kind of make amends with the character and the studio, you know, to kind of win the general public back."

Out of all the returning Spider-Men and Spider-Man villains in "No Way Home," Garfield seemed to be having the most fun this side of Willem Dafoe, and the movie even gave him a moment where he was able to save MJ (Zendaya) from falling to her death the way he wasn't able to save Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone) in his own poorly received sequel. That's the kind of moment that went a long way toward redeeming his version of the character.

Give Garfield A Better Villain

Garfield was one of the many highlights of "No Way Home," and Holland is not the only one who is now calling for an "Amazing Spider-Man 3." The multiverse would theoretically allow Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios to pick up Garfield's Spider-Man series, so if he's up for it, I say: third time's the charm. Give the man another movie, and give him a better villain this time. Hugh Jackman's third and final Wolverine solo film, "Logan," already showed that it's possible for a Marvel hero to get a rough start but finish well.

In our ranking of Spider-Man movies, we put Garfield's first outing, "The Amazing Spider-Man," dead last, and "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was not far behind it. That list was predicated on the idea that a Spider-Man movie is only as good as its villain. Our survey asking people, "Who is the worst Spider-Man movie villain?" indicates that the two least popular villains among respondents were Rhys Ifans' Lizard and Paul Giamatti's Rhino from the first two "Amazing Spider-Man" movies.

Ifans appeared in "No Way Home," of course, but at one point, he was left out in the truck while the other four villains — Green Goblin (Willem Dafoe), Doctor Octopus (Alfred Molina), Sandman (Thomas Haden Church), and Electro (Jamie Foxx) — all went inside the safehouse where Peter Parker was staying. Now that Lizard and Electro have been reformed, maybe it's time to introduce a new villain and give Garfield a better send-off.