Superhero Bits: Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Tickets Go On Sale, Venom Arrives In Midnight Suns & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" tickets are now on sale.

  • Our former Magneto and Professor X may be coming to the MCU.

  • Who is Emma Corrin playing in "Deadpool 3"?

  • A new "Superman & Lois" season 3 trailer.

  • All that and more!

The Flash season 9 Rogues of War promo

Here is the official trailer for the third episode of the ninth and final season of "The Flash" on The CW:

Barry (Grant Gustin) and Iris (Candice Patton) start to put together the pieces of what's happening in Central City and believe they know what the Rogues are after. Team Flash works together and recruits some unlikely allies to help, and the plan does not go as Team Flash expects. Meanwhile, Allegra (Kayla Compton) does her best to avoid having a conversation with Chester (Brandon McKnight).

Brenton Spencer directed the episode, with a story by Sam Chalsen, and a script written by Jeff Hersch and Jess Carson.

DC debuts new superteam The Vigil in May

DC is going big for AAPI Heritage Month, launching three new titles focused on Asian heroes. Most interestingly, a new team-up book titled "The Vigil" is coming our way on May 16. The book is written by Ram V ("Detective Comics," "Swamp Thing"), with art by Lalit Kumar Sharma ("Truth & Justice," "Daredevil"). As for what to expect? A description of the book provided by DC reads as follows:

The Vigil is Arclight, Saya, Dodge, and Castle, a group of individuals given powers they didn't want, determined to stop metahuman research and tech created for military applications at any cost. Along the way, they'll encounter super heroes that could be allies or enemies, not a surprise for a group that exists to shut down state-sponsored superhumans ... and clean up the mess before any hero or villain arrives, as if both the crime and The Vigil were never there.

This is all spun out of the "Dawn of DC" initiative, which is kind of serving as a soft reboot of the publishing line. Meanwhile, we've also got "Spirit World" hitting shelves on May 9, as well as "City Boy" debuting on May 23. Full details on all of these titles can be found by clicking here.

Holy plunge Batman! MultiVersus has lost 99% of its players

Warner Bros. launched the free-to-play game "MultiVersus" last year, with the idea being that this could be like "Super Smash Bros." but for WB characters. And yes, that means DC has a heavy presence, with Batman, Harley Quinn, and Black Adam in the game, among others. However, as noted by Steam DB, the game is seemingly not doing very well. It peaked with more than 153,000 active players seven months ago. Now? It is down to just over 1,100 active players at its peak over the past 24 hours. That represents a staggering 99% drop (give or take) in the active player count. Unless things turn around dramatically (and soon), it seems like the writing may be on the wall here, and the plug will probably be pulled.

Superman & Lois gets a new season 3 trailer ahead of next month's premiere

The CW has released a new trailer for "Superman & Lois" season 3. While there is no word yet on when, precisely, the show will end, the Arrowverse is absolutely winding down and DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has said the show has one or two seasons left, depending on how things shake out. Come what may, it looks like Lois and Clark have much to contend with when the show returns next month. Check out the trailer above and look for the season premiere on March 14.

Marvel's Nova show isn't coming any time soon

Disney's CEO Bob Iger is making some major changes at the company, and those changes are being felt by Marvel. As we recently reported, the only shows guaranteed a release on Disney+ in 2023 are "Secret Invasion" and "Loki" season 2. Shows such as "Ironheart" and "Echo"? They may be pushed back as Marvel is looking to slow their roll a bit. To that end, The Hollywood Reporter also brings word that "shows in development, such as Nova, are now on a slower path." Yes, the "Nova" project is very much still in development, but it probably isn't going to be coming our way for a long, long time given this new shift in strategy. So, adjust your expectations accordingly, Richard Rider fans.

Behold, this gorgeous Superman steelbook collection

Warner Bros. is releasing a new "Superman" steelbook movie collection on April 17, which brings the four Christopher Reeve live-action films centered on the Man of Steel together in one place. The folks at Dawn of the Discs have a comprehensive look at the collection, including all of the bonus features and other goodies that fans can look forward to. No word on pre-order links or price just yet, but they should be going live any day now. Stay tuned.

No, Emma Corrin is not playing Danger in Deadpool 3

We recently found out that Emma Corrin, of "The Crown" fame, is set to play a villain in "Deadpool 3." Potentially exciting stuff! But rumors quickly circulated that they were going to play a mutant, specifically Danger, from the pages of Marvel Comics. However, Deadline reporter Justin Kroll has taken to Twitter to splash some cold water on that situation saying, "Despite internet rumors, multiple sources confirm [they] will not be playing Danger in the movie." So there we have it. The film is currently set to hit theaters on November 8, 2024.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods tickets are on sale now

With the release date a month away, Warner Bros. has confirmed that advance tickets for "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" are now on sale. So, for those who are particularly interested in seeing Zachary Levi and the rest of the "Shazam!" family tussle with some gods played by Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu, now would be the time to secure a couple of seats for opening weekend. As we can see, there is also a brief new teaser to go along with the announcement that tickets are now on sale, which you can check out above.

Did Patrick Stewart just confirm Ian McKellen's return as Magneto?

It very much sounds like we might see Patrick Stewart's Professor X reunite on-screen once again with Ian McKellen's Magneto. This, according to Stewart, who seemingly teased as much in a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight. The actor explained that McKellen saw his cameo in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness" and had a little something to say about it.

"Actually, it went very well. He did say something like ['Hey, I would've done this!'], yes that's true. But we're not done, Sir Ian and myself. We're ... we got plans."

Well, holy s***. What are those plans, exactly? If one were to guess, the upcoming "Secret Wars" movie seems like the most logical place for that to happen but that is getting into reckless speculation territory. For now, this is worth remembering as Phase 5 and Phase 6 of the MCU continue to unfold.

Marvel's Midnight Suns Redemption DLC trailer brings Venom to the game

Lastly, today brings with it a brand new trailer for "Marvel's Midnight Suns," and one that teases the next DLC for the game ahead of its launch next week. Titled "Redemption," the new content for the game will bring Venom to the party, as well as some new story centered on the beloved character. The new trailer, as has been the case with this game in general, is incredibly cinematic. It's a real shame the game hasn't sold very well because players would probably like to see DLC like this over a longer period of time. Look for "Redemption" on February 23.