The Irishman Soundtrack

Martin Scorsese’s latest gangster flick, The Irishman, continues the tradition of pairing fantastic needle drops with his storytelling, making for an aural landscape that uses songs to help accentuate jumps in time and location. Working in consultation with longtime collaborator Robbie Robertson, his latest film contains numerous songs both popular and obscure that help tell the story of Frank Sheeran.

Scorsese has had more than his fair share of iconic musical movie moments, from Mean Streets (The Ronettes’ “Be My Baby”) to Goodfellas (the piano outro from Derek and the Domino’s  “Layla”) and Casino (The Rolling Stones’ “Can’t You Hear Me Knockin’”). The Irishman treats its music in slightly different ways, eschewing some of the bigger montage moments for deeper integration and long periods where there’s gentle underscore rather than wall-to-wall pop songs.

Here are some stories about certain key tracks that Scorsese and his team have used in The Irishman, as well as a complete soundtrack listing in case you wish to replicate it for your own playlist.

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guillermo del toro on the irishman

What makes Martin Scorsese’s films so indelible is the world he creates, populated by dozens of characters that all in their way shape our perception of the environment he creates. The main players in his news movie, The Irishman – played by Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Joe Pesci – capture most of our attention, yet there are dozens of other performers both known and unknown that always bring their own magic to the big screen.

For years the Israeli-born, New York-raised Danny Abeckaser was a “club guy”, shepherding models to various events, planning massive parties, and making sure that his clients were taken care of. He helped open some of the biggest nightclubs around, and hustled in that world for years. In 2010 he followed his passion into filmmaking, helping produce Kevin Asch’s Holy Rollers, which found critical notice following its Sundance debut. Over the years he’s done a number of independent productions and character roles, including several under the direction of Martin Scorsese.

In The Irishman Danny is credited as “Louie the Deadbeat”, one of those relatively simple roles than in a lesser film would be forgettable. In Marty’s world, however, no scene is superfluous, and thanks to Abeckaser’s unique look and some improv with De Niro, he’s immortalized in this truly remarkable film. /Film spoke with Abeckaser about this role, how it affects his own creative pursuits, and just what it’s like to be working with masters of filmmaking craft. 

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the irishman clip

No one in their right mind would keep Al Pacino waiting, but that’s what Stephen Graham‘s Anthony Provenzano does in a recently released clip from Martin Scorsese‘s mob epic, The Irishman. And understandably, he gets chewed out by Pacino’s powerful Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa in a monologue that speaks profoundly to the soul of every punctual person. Watch The Irishman clip below.

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Movies Coming to Netflix In November 2019

Crazy to think we’re almost at the end of the year. As October slowly slips away like sand through an hourglass, here comes November: a time of sweaters, early darkness, and copious amounts of carb-heavy foods. It also brings on a whole new slew of titles on Netflix. There’s a ton of Christmas-related content hitting the service next month – all the better to get the jump on the holiday season. But there’s plenty of other stuff as well. So here are the best TV shows and movies coming to Netflix in November 2019.

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New York Film Festival Main Slate 2019

I’ve heard from many a festival-goer that it’s possible to work through the entire New York Film Festival lineup – or at least its premier section, the Main Slate – given how the event spreads out manageably over the course of seventeen days all at Lincoln Center. But with schedule conflicts or lack of interest in certain titles, it’s a feat seldom seen or accomplished. Or, maybe given how gluttonous I feel after having done this myself, people choose not to brag about it if they do manage to pull it off.

While battling fatigue as well as exhaustion, plus countless instances of doubting if this was something I actually wanted to do, I managed to see all 29 films programmed in this year’s NYFF Main Slate. (If you’re the ranking type, I did just that over on Letterboxd.) I learned plenty about myself and some masochistic moviegoing habits after subjecting myself to this marathon of viewing contemporary cinema, but that’s a subject for another piece. It’s impossible to watch this incredible selection of films from across the globe and not have some larger takeaways about trends, patterns and parallels. Here are ten lessons from surveying the Main Slate in its entirety. Read More »

the irishman podcast

Official (and unofficial) podcasts that tie directly into TV shows are a big hit. HBO launched The Chernobyl Podcast to tie into their bleak but fantastic series Chernobyl, and Netflix rolled out the podcast Behind the Scenes: Stranger Things 3 this year as well. Now it looks like the streaming service is getting ready to do it again with The Irishman. The podcast is tentatively titled Behind the Irishman, and will go into the making of Martin Scorsese‘s latest crime epic.

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the irishman on broadway

After butting-heads with movie theaters, Netflix has decided to get creative with Martin Scorsese‘s The Irishman. Most theater chains demand a specific window between theatrical screenings and streaming release, but Netflix doesn’t give a damn about that. Since Netflix isn’t willing to play ball, many theater chains are refusing to screen The Irishman. But Netflix wants this film to have an awards season presence, which means it has to play theatrically somewhere. The solution: playing the movie at the Belasco Theatre on Broadway in New York City all through November.

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new york film festival 2019 week 1

As we head into the second week of the 57th annual New York Film Festival, let’s look back at the best that week 1 of the festival had to offer us.

The prestigious film festival kicked off on a strong note with Martin Scorsese’s latest mob masterpiece, The Irishman, and only kept it up from there. Nadav Lapid‘s maddening Israeli-French immigrant drama Synonyms confused but impressed, while Kelly Reichardt’s offbeat and tender frontier drama First Cow has a very good cow. Dive into our New York Film Festival 2019 Week 1 recap.

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guillermo del toro on the irishman

Guillermo del Toro isn’t just a great filmmaker, he’s also a master of studying the craft. The man knows movies, and anyone who has ever listened to one of his commentary tracks can tell you he has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of films and filmmaking. So it’s always a treat when del Toro jumps on Twitter and goes off on a tangent about a particular movie. The latest film on del Toro’s mind is Martin Scorsese‘s The Irishman, which premiered at the New York Film Festival to rave reviews. The Shape of Water director compares Scorsese’s latest to Stanley Kubrick’s Barry Lyndon and goes on to highlight the surprisingly melancholy atmosphere of Scorsese’s new epic.

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the irishman de-aging

Digital de-aging is either the scourge of cinema or an exciting new tool for filmmakers, depending on whom you ask. But the effects in Martin Scorsese‘s new gangster epic The Irishman lie somewhere in between. This conversation comes on the heels of the technology’s busiest year yet, with studios smoothing out the faces of their stars in Captain Marvel, It Chapter 2, and Ang Lee’s upcoming Gemini Man. In each of the aforementioned films apart from Captain Marvel (thanks to Marvel Studios having almost perfected the tech), the de-aging has been roundly criticized, though perhaps not nearly as much as the effects in The Irishman.

When the first trailers for The Irishman were released by Netflix, the grumblings over Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, and Joe Pesci‘s silky-smooth skin and uncanny valley faces began, and were amplified when the streaming giant released stills of De Niro looking like a PS2-era video game character. But rest assured, the de-aging effects in The Irishman (mostly) work. At the very least, there is no other way that Scorsese could have made his latest masterwork.

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