stranger things trial

As Stranger Things creators Matt and Ross Duffer head to trial over plagiarism charges, they’re worried about something worse than litigation: spoilers. Charlie Kessler is suing the Duffers, claiming they stole the idea for their hit Netflix series from a script he wrote. The Duffers deny this. In addition to fighting to prove their ownership of the show, the Duffers are also hoping to avoid Stranger Things season 3 spoilers from getting out due to the trail, and have brought a motion to seal portions of the record to stop this.

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stranger things 3 the game

Stranger Things season 3 premiering on July 4 already guaranteed that we would be spending some of the brightest days of the summer indoors bingeing the hit Netflix series, but the Stranger Things video game is what’s going to keep us out of the sun. Debuting on the same day as the show’s season 3 premiere, Stranger Things 3: The Game will allow fans of the sci-fi/horror series to play as their favorite characters in a shot-for-shot reenactment of the new season. Except in 16-bit, and with more murder. Watch the new Stranger Things 3 The Game trailer below.

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stranger things 3 fan theories

One of the real highlights of Stranger Things 2 was Priah Ferguson, playing Erica Sinclair, the sassy, no bullshit sister of Lucas Sinclair. Erica became such a fan favorite that Stranger Things creators the Duffer Brothers confirmed they’d be bringing her back for season 3 almost immediately. To get you hyped for Erica’s return, Ferguson stars in a new video in which she shoots down almost all of the Stranger Things 3 fan theories that popped-up after the recent trailer dropped. Watch the video below.

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Stranger Things Halloween Horror Nights 2019

We just hit the first day of spring, but Universal Studios is already looking ahead to the fall. The company announced that the hit Netflix series Stranger Things is making its triumphant return to Halloween Horror Nights this year, and a new teaser video is here to prove it. And while last year’s mazes were focused on the show’s first season, this year’s will be inspired by seasons two and three. Read More »

stranger things season 3 trailer breakdown

It’s the first day of spring, which means summer is right around the corner. And you know what that means: Stranger Things is back. The third season of the hit Netflix series just debuted its official trailer, giving us a glimpse of a summer of big changes for the kids of Hawkins, Indiana. Aside from the obvious first trappings of puberty, the gang’s dynamic is shifting as romance is in the air and fireworks are flying. But greater changes are afoot in Hawkins, as a new morally corrupt Mayor Kline (Cary Elwes) takes office and opens the new Starcourt Mall, all the while strange disappearances begin to take place.

We try to unpack what this all means and more in our Stranger Things season 3 trailer breakdown. Let’s dive in.

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stranger things season 3 trailer

After long, tortuous months of waiting, Netflix is finally feeding us with the first official Stranger Things season 3 trailer. Part 3 of Netflix’s hit sci-fi/horror show is set to debut on the streaming service this summer, but we’ve learned little about it in the past year and a half since Stranger Things Part 2 first premiered. But from the looks of the Stranger Things season 3 trailer, things are getting quite explosive in Hawkins, Indiana.

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stranger things 3 teaser footage

Want your first look at official Stranger Things 3 footage? Today’s your lucky day! Sort of! A new Stranger Things 3 teaser has just been unleashed, and it features…some rats. There’s not a lot here, but it’s clearly shot in a way that suggests it is indeed footage from the new season, and likely teasing a trailer to come. It’s not much, but if you’ve been craving that Stranger content, it’s better than nothing.

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Stranger Things Chief Hopper Book

The first Stranger Things tie-in novel arrived in stores this week, and Netflix is wasting no time promoting the next book linked to their hit sci-fi series.

The first book, Suspicious Minds, focused on Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, and how she got caught up in the experiments of a secret government organization in the 1960s. But the second book will shift the focus to Eleven’s surrogate father, Chief Hopper (played by David Harbour on the series). Darkness on the Edge of Town will follow the earlier years of Hawkins, Indiana police chief when he was a homicide detective in New York City in 1977. Read More »

Netflix kicked off 2019 in style with the announcement of the long-awaited Stranger Things season 3 release date. Fans had been waiting with bated breath for the return of the beloved sci-fi/horror series, but season 3 was pushed back more than a year after the second season aired in fall 2017. Now Stranger Things fans can finally look forward to the show’s return, but in a new patriotic setting: summer 1985.

The premiere date was announced via a short New Year’s Eve-themed teaser in which Dick Clark’s countdown to 1985 gets turned, well, upside down.

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Stranger Things Christmas Wrapping

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