hellboy clip

The first official Hellboy clip has been released, and if you’re already on the fence with this movie, I don’t know if this is going to change that. Here, Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane), adoptive father of Hellboy (David Harbour), lays out a new mission for the big, red demon/superhero. Through it all, Hellboy talks with his mouth full, which is kind of gross. Watch the Hellboy clip below!

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‘Hellboy’ Trailer: It’s Time to Give Evil Hell

hellboy trailer new

A new Hellboy reboot trailer is here, and it gives us a better look at David Harbour‘s new take on the big red demon. But does it do a better job of selling the movie than the last trailer, which left some people underwhelmed? You’ll have to decide for yourself. Watch the Hellboy trailer below.

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hellboy reboot rated r

Good news for people who have been waiting for a naughty Hellboy movie! The Hellboy reboot is officially rated R. Further distancing itself from Guillermo del Toro’s wonderful and PG-13-rated adaptations, the new Hellboy from director Neil Marshall has earned itself an R-rating for lots of bloody violence and language. So maybe leave the kids at home.

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Stranger Things Chief Hopper Book

The first Stranger Things tie-in novel arrived in stores this week, and Netflix is wasting no time promoting the next book linked to their hit sci-fi series.

The first book, Suspicious Minds, focused on Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, and how she got caught up in the experiments of a secret government organization in the 1960s. But the second book will shift the focus to Eleven’s surrogate father, Chief Hopper (played by David Harbour on the series). Darkness on the Edge of Town will follow the earlier years of Hawkins, Indiana police chief when he was a homicide detective in New York City in 1977. Read More »

Hellboy trailer

Remember Hellboy? He’s back, in David Harbour form. The Stranger Things actor takes up the mantle of the big red half-demon in a new take on the character. Guillermo del Toro already made two fine films about Hellboy, but now director Neil Marshall will try something different. After a long wait, the first Hellboy trailer awaits you below.

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New Hellboy Photo

Update: The first official trailer for the movie has arrived early, and you can watch it right here. Our original article follows.

This week will bring us the first trailer for the reboot of Hellboy with Stranger Things star David Harbour under all the make-up as Big Red. But before that, a new image from the film has surfaced that finally shows Hellboy alongside his teammates Major Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim of LOST) and civilian Alice Monaghan (Sasha Lane of American Honey).

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New Hellboy Reboot Photo

Even though some footage from the upcoming Hellboy reboot played New York Comic-Con not too long ago, we still haven’t seen any footage from the Lionsgate comic book adaptation. Instead, our only glimpse at Stranger Things star David Harbour suited up as Big Red have come in the form of posters and images. One more Hellboy photo from the film has arrived to show off the latest incarnation of the unlikely comic book hero. Plus, director Neil Marshall has shared some new details on the project. Read More »

Hellboy Wedding Challenge

Stranger Things star David Harbour became a viral sensation when he followed through on a promise to officiate a couple’s wedding in full wardrobe as Chief Hopper if a tweet requesting his presence racked up 125,000 retweets. But now he’s made another promise to one fan that would make for one hellacious wedding ceremony.

Spencer Perry is the managing editor of ComingSoon.net, and he’s a good friend of some of us here at /Film. He’s also engaged to be married, and when David Harbour recently put out the call for new retweet challenges, Spencer asked the actor how many retweets it would take for him to officiate the wedding dressed in full Hellboy make-up and gear. Well, Harbour has responded, and it’s a tall order, but it’s not impossible if the internet comes together to make this incredible event happen.

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Hellboy Poster

UPDATE: A new poster has come out of New York Comic-Con and we’ve added it to our story from October 1 with some details on what is revealed in the wide banner.

A fiery Hellboy poster is here, giving us yet another glimpse at David Harbour in-character as Big Red himself. The result? He looks like Hellboy! Which is to say, he looks a lot like Ron Perlman, who previously played the character. I guess when it comes to the look of this character, there’s not a whole lot of room for interpretation. Check out the Hellboy poster below.

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Hellboy Release Date Delayed

This is either good news or bad news for Hellboy fans.

Summit Entertainment has pushed back the release date for the anticipated Hellboy reboot starring Stranger Things actor David Harbour in the title role as the Dark Horse Comics characters. Originally slated to open in January 2019, the movie has now been pushed back four months to a date in mid-April 2019 instead. Read More »