Netflix Originals Release Dates: 2018 and Beyond

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events Trailer - Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf

A Series Of Unfortunate Events Season 2

The first season of the series was adapted from the first four novels (The Bad BeginningThe Reptile RoomThe Wide Window, and The Miserable Mill) in Daniel Handler’s bestselling, 13-part young adult book series. The second season will be expanded to 10-episodes and will focus on the next five installments: The Austere AcademyThe Ersatz ElevatorThe Vile VillageThe Hostile Hospital, and The Carnivorous Carnival.

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2018 TBD: Alias Grace

“The story of Alias Grace follows Grace Marks, a poor, young Irish immigrant and domestic servant in Upper Canada who, along with stable hand James McDermott, was convicted of the brutal murders of their employer, Thomas Kinnear, and his housekeeper, Nancy Montgomery, in 1843. James was hanged while Grace was sentenced to life imprisonment. Grace became one of the most enigmatic and notorious women of 1840s Canada for her supposed role in the sensational double murder, and was eventually exonerated after 30 years in jail. Her conviction was controversial, and sparked much debate about whether Grace was actually involved in the murder, or merely an unwitting accessory.”

Directed by Mary Harron, and featuring Sarah Gadon, Anna Paquin, Zachary Levi and David Cronenberg.

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2018 TBD: Black Earth Rising

Netflix is partnering with BBC Two on the new labyrinthine thriller Black Earth Rising, about the prosecution of international war crimes. Hugo Blick (The Honourable Woman) will write and direct Black Earth, with Greg Brenman’s Drama Republic (The Honourable Woman) producing. Netflix will air the series globally outside of the UK.

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2018 TDB: First Match [Movie]

Written and directed by Olivia Newman. No more details are available at this time.

Green Eggs and Ham

2018 TBD: Green Eggs And Ham [Kid’s Show]

A TV series adaptation of Green Eggs and Ham, the Dr. Seuss classic about a guy who badgers another guy into trying some strange food. The 13-episode first seasom will be “the highest-end, most expensive animated program ever produced for television,” with a rumored cost of about $5 to $6 million per episode. Jared Stern (Wreck-It Ralph) is writing the script and will executive produce with Ellen DeGeneresJeff KleemanMike KarzDavid Dobkin, and Warner Bros. Animation.

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2018 TBD: Happy Anniversary [Movie]

“A couple on their three-year anniversary need to decide whether to stay together or call it quits.”

Feature directorial debut of Jared Stern, writer of Wreck It Ralph, The LEGO Batman Movie, and Dr. Ken. Starring Annie Potts, Joe Pantoliano, and Ben Schwartz.


2018 TBD: Hilda [Kid’s Show]

A production of Silvergate Media, the makers of Octonauts, in collaboration with Mercury Filmworks, Hilda transforms the Eisner-Award nominated graphic novels by Luke Pearson and published by Nobrow into an incredible animated adventure for older kids.

“The series follows the journey of a fearless blue-haired girl as she travels from her home in a vast magical wilderness full of elves and giants to the bustling city of Trolberg, where she makes new friends and discovers mysterious creatures who are stranger –and sometimes more dangerous– than she ever expected.”

Jeremy Saulnier next movie

2018 TBD: Hold The Dark [Movie]

Jeremy Saulnier (Green Room) returns with an intense thriller. Hold the Dark is adapted from William Giraldi’s novel, a bloody and violent tale prominently set in Alaska. Set during the start of a harsh winter, the story involves a pack of wolves taking three children from the village of Keelut and it’s up to wolf expert Russell Core to investigate. After a six-year-old is killed, the child’s mother, Medora, goes missing. Her husband, Vernon Slone, returns home from the Iraq War and begins a search, possibly to harm his wife.

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2018 TBD: Kingdom Season 1

Netflix’s second Korean original television series Kingdom is a period zombie thriller directed by Kim Seong-hun (Tunnel). Kim Eun-hee (Signal) writes the eight-episode series set in Korea’s medieval Joseon period where “a crown prince is sent on a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious outbreak that leads him to a brutal truth that threatens the kingdom.”

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2018 TBD: The Kissing Booth [Movie]

“A high school student is forced to confront her secret crush at a kissing booth.”

A romantic comedy starring Molly Ringwald and Joey King.

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2018 TBD: The Land of Steady Habits [Movie]

“Anders Hill, long ensconced in “the land of steady habits”-the affluent hamlets of Connecticut that dot the commuter rail line-is finally ready to reap the rewards of a sensible life. Into his mid fifties and newly retired, his grown son’s college tuitions paid in full, Anders decides he’s had enough of steady habits: he leaves his wife, buys a condo, and waits for freedom to transform him. Stripped of the comforts of his previous identity, Anders embarks on a clumsy, and heartbreaking journey to reconcile his past with his present.”

Written and directed by Nicole Holofcener, featuring Ben Mendelsohn, Edie Falco, Hope Davis, Thomas Mann, Michael Gaston and more.

Lost in Space Remake

2018 TBD: Lost In Space Season 1

The 10-episode one-hour sci-fi drama comes from Legendary TV and is based on the beloved 1960’s sci-fi classic from Irwin Allen. Reimagined by feature writing team Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless (Dracula UntoldLast Witch Hunter), with Zack Estrin (Prison Break) showrunning.

“Taking its cues from the original series, the show centers around the Robinson family, who is forced to come together in a time of crisis. Stranded light years from their intended destination, they find themselves battling a strange new alien environment and also their own personal demons. Equal parts family drama and sci-fi adventure, it is a survival story for the ages.”

Zack Estrin serves as executive producer alongside writers Matt Sazama & Burk Sharpless; Synthesis Entertainment’s Kevin Burns (The Curse of Oak IslandAncient Aliens) and Jon Jashni (GodzillaPacific Rim); and Applebox’s Emmy®-nominated director Neil Marshall (Game of ThronesThe Descent) and Marc Helwig. Marshall is also set to direct several episodes of the series. Lost in Space is a Legendary TV production for Netflix.

Love season two teaser

2018 TBD: Love Season 3

Netflix has ordered a third season of Apatow’s Love, which stars Gillian Jacobs and Paul Rust as two very different Angelenos who strike up an unlikely romance.

Love Alarm

2018 TBD: Love Alarm Season 1

Netflix’s first Korean original series, Love Alarm is based on the webtoon by Kye Young Chon, one of Korea’s most popular comic authors known for her unique take on the romance genre.  This 12-episode series will be produced by Jaemoon Lee.

“The story revolves around an unknown developer releasing an app that will tell the user if someone within 10 meters has romantic feelings for them, which greatly disrupts society.”

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2018 TBD: Milada [Movie]

Directed by David Mrnka, this historical drama profiles Milada Horáková, who fought  for her country’s freedom at the cost of her own.

the oa

2018 TBD: The OA: Part II

The season one finale raised as many questions as it answered, and left plenty of meat on the bone for future episodes to pick apart. Prairie’s saga will continue on as Netflix has officially renewed Brit Marlingand Zal Batmanglij‘s trippy supernatural drama for a second season.

The drama centers on Prairie Johnson (Marling), a blind woman who went missing several years ago and then suddenly resurfaced with the ability to see. She recruits five new allies (four local teenagers and their teacher) for a mysterious mission, spinning a wild tale of trauma, abduction, weird science, and interdimensional travel. The first season was as compelling as it was confounding, with many calling it bold, ambitious, original work.

One Day At A Time Season 2

2018 TBD: One Day At A Time Season 2

Netflix’s original sitcom One Day at a Time based on the 1975–84 series of the same name returns for a second season. The series is written by Gloria Calderon Kellett and Mike Royce and stars Justina Machado, Todd Grinnell, Isabella Gomez, Marcel Ruiz, Stephen Tobolowsky, and Rita Moreno.

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2018 TBD: The Rain Season 1

‘Ten years after a brutal virus has wiped out most of the population in Scandinavia, two young siblings embark on a search for safety. Only guided by their father’s notebook about the virus and the hazards of this new world, they start a dangerous journey through the country joining a group of other young survivors. Facing grave perils, the group must quickly realize that the greatest danger does not come from the outside – it comes from within.”

The Scandinavian thriller comes from Miso Film (Those Who Kill, Dicte, 1864, Acquitted, Modus), and was created by Jannik Tai Mosholt (Borgen, Rita, Follow the Money), Esben Toft Jacobsen (The Great Bear, Beyond Beyond) and Christian Potalivo (The Pig, The New Tenants, Long Story Short). The series will be written by Jannik Tai Mosholt who will be showrunning alongside producer Christian Potalivo.


2018 TBD: Robozuna [Kid’s Show]

“An orphaned 14-year-old boy, Ariston, and his homemade robot friend, Mangle, attempt to free their oppressed nation from an evil empire and its legion of robot centurions in Robozuna, a new animated kids series from UK’s ITV Studios. Robozuna follows Ariston and Mangle’s quest for freedom and the unending clash of good over evil. Filled with epic battles and unpredictable obstacles, Robozuna tells a story of teamwork and self-discovery through the hardships of finding your way home.”

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2018 TBD: Samantha!

“A child star in the 80’s, Samantha is now a washed up has-been, who desperately clings to the fringes of celebrity with hilarious hare-brained schemes to launch herself back into the spotlight.”

Losbragas, the production company of Alice Braga, will produce the series “Samantha!”. Braga is one of Brazil’s most internationally acclaimed actresses, due to her part in the film City of God.


2018 TBD: Spy Kids: Mission Critical [Kid’s Show]

“From producer Bob Weinstein comes an animated adventure comedy series based on the beloved family film franchise, Spy Kids. The show follows brother and sister team Juni and Carmen Cortez as they attend Spy Kids Academy, a top secret spy school for kid agents. When a new counter-spy agency threatens the safety of the world, it will be up to junior spies Juni and Carmen to train and lead a team of fellow Spy Kids cadets against the forces of S.W.A.M.P. (Sinister Wrongdoers Against Mankind’s Preservation) and their diabolical leader, Golden Brain. The Mission Critical team may not be ready, but they are the only ones to call when grown-up spies can’t do the job!”

Featuring F.M. DeMarco of Netflix original series Dragons: Race to the Edge as head writer.

The Hollow

2018 TBD: The Hollow [Kid’s Show]

“Perplexing mystery awaits viewers in the new animated-action series, The Hollow, a Slap Happy Cartoons Inc. production. The series opens with three teens, Adam, Kai and Mira, as they awake confused and alone in an underground bunker. Wandering through a maze of bizarre towns, odd time portals, dangerous beasts and quirky characters, the three strangers are forced to band together as they search for a way back home.”

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2018 TBD: The Manolo Caro Project

The untitled new original series, written and directed by Manolo Caro, will start filming this year and also feature prominent Mexican actresses Aislinn Derbez (A la Mala), Veronica Castro (The rich also cry)  and Cecilia Suarez (Cappadocia). The project will be directed by Manolo Caro and produced by Rafa Ley and Stacy Perskie from Noc Noc Cinema. The celebrated filmmaker, is also known for directing: Tales of an Immoral couple, Elvira I’ll Give You My Life But I’m Using It, Love of My Loves and I Don’t Know Whether to Slit My Veins or Leave Them Long.

“The dark comedy revolves around a seemingly successful and idyllic family-run flower business full of dysfunctional secrets. One day, the patriarch finds out his longtime mistress has suddenly passed away and he decides to bring their children into the household alongside his current wife and family who didn’t know they existed. The series explores the need to protect and forgive loved ones, no matter how uncomfortable.”

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2018 TBD: The Spy

The Spy is an upcoming true-life espionage tale from French producer Alain Goldman‘s Legende Films (La Vie en Rose), with Homeland creator Gideon Raff writing and directing. The miniseries will be based on the true story of Israel’s top spy, Eli Cohen, who worked undercover in Syria.

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2018 TBD: That’s My Time: The Todd Lynn Story [Documentary]

Directed by Parrish Smith, featuring Kevin Hart, Jimmy Kimmel, Tracy morgan, Dean Edwards and more.


2018 TBD: Travelers Season 2

“They’re from the future but they’re living in our time. These seemingly ordinary people are secretly working to save us all from a tragic fate.” Netflix has renewed the sci-fi drama Travelers for a second season. The first season premiered in Canada in October before coming to international markets (including the U.S.) via Netflix in December.

Treehouse Detectives

2018 TBD: Treehouse Detectives [Kid’s Show]

“From Saban Brands and Korean studio Sunwoo Animation comes Treehouse Detectives, a new CG animated children’s series following two curious bears that are no strangers to adventure. Big-hearted Toby and his more rational sister Teri form a snap team of detectives, called upon to solve the neighborhood’s mysteries – What happened to the snowman? Where did all the caterpillars go? Why do leaves fall from the trees? Fueled by teamwork and determination, the two bears and their lovable friends leave no mystery unsolved in this animated series for preschoolers. Season 1 of Treehouse Detectives will launch on Netflix around the world in 2018, and at a later date in South Korea.”

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2018 TBD: Troy: Fall of a City [Limited Series]

Troy: Fall of a City is a limited series set around the events of the Trojan War and the love affair between Paris and Helen of Troy. For the series, Netflix is joining forces with the BBC and The Night Manager writer David Farr . Described as “an epic tale of love, revenge and intrigue focusing on the war and the love affair between Paris and Helen of Troy, which, if Homer is to be believed, started the whole mess in the first place.” Owen Harris, who directed the acclaimed San Junipero episode of Netflix series Black Mirror, will helm Troy


the irishman netflix

Late 2018/2019 TBD: The Irishman [Movie]

Martin Scorsese‘s long-awaited $100 million hitman drama The Irishman will reunite him with Robert De Niro for the first time since 1995. The film has been in the works since 2008, always positioned as one of Scorsese’s next projects and always being pushed to the back burner in favor of something else. Based on Charlie Brandt’s book I Heard You Paint Houses, the story tracks the life of professional hitman Frank “The Irishman” Sheeran, whose supposed list of victims includes Jimmy Hoffa. De Niro will play Sheeran at all stages of his life, with ILM working their magic to digitally de-age him for scenes where he’ll be as young as 30. Al Pacino is also attached to star.

Our Planet

2019 TBD: Our Planet [Documentary Series]

“Filmed over four years, Our Planet is an eight-part series that combines the spectacular photography of Planet Earth with an unprecedented look at the planet’s remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants.”

The series is being produced by Silverback Films, led by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey, who created “Planet Earth,” “Frozen Planet” and “Blue Planet” for the BBC and which aired in the U.S. on Discovery Channel. They’re also the team behind Walt Disney Studios’ Disneynature films “Earth,” “Bears,” “African Cats” and “Chimpanzee.”

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???? TBD: Sacred Games

“Set in Mumbai, Sacred Games delves into the city’s intricate web of organized crime, corruption, politics and espionage that lie beneath India’s economic renaissance. It is an epic masterwork of exceptional richness and power that interweaves the lives of the privileged, the famous, the wretched and the bloodthirsty.”

Based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same title by Vikram Chandra.

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