WandaVision Honest Trailer

Marvel’s WandaVision finally let us spend time with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen) and Vision (Paul Bettany). Not only did it finally help establish the source and limitation of their powers, but it allowed us to finally get a firm grasp on them as characters and connect with their romance that happened largely off-screen. Unfortunately, no matter how ambitious the beginning of WandaVision turned out to be, as the Honest Trailer reminds us, it still concluded with a skybeam and two CGI action figures slugging it out in the sky. Read More »

Coming to America Honest Trailer

This week brings the comedy sequel Coming 2 America to Amazon Prime. It’s been over 20 years since the original Coming to America hit theaters, when Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall were at the top of their game. Do they still have what it takes to bring the laughs, or will they follow in the footsteps of long-gestating comedy sequels like Dumb & Dumber To and Bad Santa 2?

We’ll find out in a couple days whether Coming 2 America has the goods, but in the meantime, the Coming to America Honest Trailer gives credit where credit is due while also reminding us that Eddie Murphy still fell far from the glory of the 1980s, especially when it comes to playing multiple roles in the same movie. Read More »

The Simpsons Movie Honest Trailer

When you have a beloved animated show like The Simpsons that has been credited with predicting the future over and over again, it should come as no surprise that when they finally get around to turning it into a movie, they’ve already covered all the same ground before. The Simpsons Movie Honest Trailer reminds us about all the plot points in the movie that we’ve seen in episodes of The Simpsons, but ultimately admits that it doesn’t stop anyone from wanting to see a sequel. Read More »

Street Fighter Honest Trailer

Since there’s a new version of Mortal Kombat coming to the big screen this spring, there’s no better time to look back at the first attempt to turn a one-on-one fighting video game into a big screen blockbuster.

Street Fighter arrived a year after Super Mario Bros. stunk up the big screen, and it didn’t do any favors for video game movies. In fact, this movie may as well have been an entirely original movie, because if there’s one thing that the Street Fighter movie barely has, it’s actual street fights. But as the Street Fighter Honest Trailer reminds us, there’s plenty of Jean-Claude Van Damme being an All-American soldier with a Belgian accent and Raul Julia swishing his cape around while making the best of a terrible script. Read More »

The Mandalorian Season 2 Honest Trailer

Following an impressive debut on Disney+ in 2019, The Mandalorian returned to the streaming service late last year for another round. The Mandalorian season 2 Honest Trailer points out that it’s just the never-nude bounty hunter and tiny meme generator on new adventures of the week where they’re always striking some kind of deal. But at the same time, those adventures also brought the wholly satisfying return of some fan favorite characters. So who are we to complain? Read More »

Cobra Kai Honest Trailer

It’s nothing short of a miracle that a revival of The Karate Kid franchise somehow ended up being more significant than a Funny or Die sketch. What’s even more impressive is that not only did Cobra Kai survive as one of YouTube Premium’s original programs, but it’s actually pretty damn good.

As the Cobra Kai Honest Trailer respectfully points out, instead of being a cheap nostalgia trip, this is a series that captures the spirit of the original Karate Kid franchise while also turning 1980s archetypes into full fledged characters with layers of complexity. Plus, it surprisingly delivers compelling story turns that keep things interesting, even if it’s all still a little melodramatic. Read More »

Wonder Woman 1984 Honest Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984 arrived in theaters and on HBO Max on Christmas Day, giving a nice holiday gift to fans stuck at home and a big middle finger to the future of movie theaters. But many who watched Wonder Woman 1984 felt like they got screwed too, because just like the wishes at the center of the DC Comics sequel, it came with some unsavory consequences. And as the Wonder Woman 1984 Honest Trailer illustrates, it’s not just the creepy use of a random man as a vessel for Steve Trevor to fulfill the love and lust she has for Steve Trevor. Read More »

The Shawshank Redemption Honest Trailer

The Shawshank Redemption may be a beloved drama that you’ll watch every single time it’s playing on AMC, TNT or whatever cable channel is playing it on a lazy Sunday afternoon. But as the Honest Trailer for the film from Frank Darabont reminds us, when it arrived on the big screen in September 1994, the movie only earned $16 million in its initial theatrical release. Meanwhile, Forrest Gump was in the middle of an insane 42-week theatrical run. Just like Andy Dufresne, the movie had to trek through a lot of shit on its way to redemption as an Oscar nominee. Read More »

2020 Honest Trailer

Normally the folks behind Honest Trailers are taking shots at movies new and old, but this year, they couldn’t help but take aim at the live-action adaptation of The Book of Revelation that encompasses the year 2020.

Now that we’re officially in 2021, we can maybe have a bit of a laugh about how unbearable and increasingly terrible everything was last year. Things were so bad that new post-apocalyptic movies will have their work cut out for them if they ever want to scare us with a potentially horrifying future that’s more terrifying than the present day. In case that’s not “Honest” enough for you, comedian Patton Oswalt chimes in to help send off 2020 in the same manner Warner Bros. bid farewell to movie theaters.

Watch the 2020 Honest Trailer below. Read More »

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