Nick Bartlett

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Longon, UK
University Of East Anglia
The Coen Brothers, Film Noir, Justified
  • Nick's article on the 23 best heist films of all time for /Film ranks on the first page of Google's search results.
  • He has worked in TV for his whole professional career in various capacities; in production, distribution, archiving and events.
  • His retrospectives of favorite TV shows like "Cracker" and "Justified" for Custard TV have been shared and praised by many of the cast and crew.


Nick has loved film ever since childhood, having been raised on the films of Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, and Brian De Palma. He has written about film for nearly 15 years, beginning with his own little blog before writing for a number of outlets. Initially he covered new releases, episodic TV reviews, and premieres for Critical Popcorn and Front Row Reviews, before contributing features and reviews to Horrified Magazine, Custard TV and All The Right Movies. He originated the Scene And Not Heard feature on All The Right Movies and achieved a career goal when he had a feature published in print in Film Stories magazine. He's worked at several film festivals in various capacities. These include the BFI London Film Festival and the Leicester Square FrightFest. He joined /Film as a features writer in 2022 and has been steadily contributing articles that draw on his scarily retentive memory and encyclopedic knowledge of films ever since. When he's not writing about film Nick also writes and performs stand-up comedy.


Nick has a bachelor's degree in Film & Television Studies from the University Of East Anglia. Having caught the writing bug, he attained a 1st for his dissertation on the films of Takeshi Kitano, an area that sparked his interest in Asian cinema.
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