Nick Bartlett

Longon, UK
University Of East Anglia, B.A. In Film And Television Studies
Movies, TV, Comics
  • Nick is a huge fan of Asian Cinema, Film Noir and classic movies, and has a scarily retentive knowledge of a wide range of movie genres.
  • He has worked in TV for his whole professional career in various capacities; in production, distribution, archiving and events.
  • He's worked at several film festivals in various capacities. These include London Film Festival and the Leicester Square FrightFest.


Nick has been writing film reviews and features for over ten years. His work has been featured on a number of online outlets, starting with his own film blog before writing regularly for Critical Popcorn, covering premieres and weekly reviews of TV series and specialising in Asian cinema and classic rereleases. He also writes for Front Row Reviews, Horrified Magazine and All The Right Movies. He recently had an article published in print in Film Stories Magazine. When not writing or working, he can be found furiously scribbling down his Top 1000 films in his notebook.


Nick has been an avid film fan from a young age. He studied film at sixth form college and then university, writing his dissertation on the films of Japanese director Takeshi Kitano.
Stories By Nick Bartlett