Superhero Bits: Joker: Folie à Deux's Massive Budget, Marvel's Spider-Man Is Finally On PC & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • A big update on the status of future DC projects.

  • "Marvel's Spider-Man" finally arrives on PC.

  • A wild rumor regarding the "Madame Web" movie.

  • "Thor: Love and Thunder" crosses a box office milestone.

  • All that and more!

Wolverine: Ronin figure from Sideshow Collectibles

The folks at Sideshow Collectibles have revealed a unique new Wolverine figure that fans with some money to spend may want to add to their collection. The above Wolverine: Ronin figure captures the famed mutant's connections to Japan in pretty impressive form. The figure is expected to arrive between August and November 2023, with a price tag of $695. Those who are interested in pre-ordering one can do so by clicking here.

Marvel Comics brings the Avengers to Murderworld this fall

Marvel Comics is pitting Earth's mightiest heroes against the villain Arcade in a new, wild sounding series set to hit shelves this fall. "Murderworld: Avengers" will be written by Jim Zub and Ray Fawkes, with art by Jethro Morales. We get a little glimpse of that artwork above, promising murder and intrigue. As for what to expect from the story? The synopsis is pretty nuts, and it reads as follows:

READY. SET. DIE! Hundreds are killed every year in an elaborate secret tournament run by a sadistic man with nearly limitless resources at his fingertips. It's not an urban legend. It's not a myth – MURDERWORLD is real! It's online, and the gruesome truth has been hidden from everyone except its victims – until NOW. Meet Paul Pastor, the extraordinary young documentarian who's going to expose it all...with some super-powered help, starting with the Avengers! In MURDERWORLD: AVENGERS, the Black Widow has a personal grudge to settle with Murderworld mastermind Arcade – but can she stop this game before it kills again?

Buckle up, comic book readers because this figures to be a ride. "Murderworld: Avengers" #1 hits shelves on November 16.

The Gotham Knights map has been revealed

The release of the long-awaited "Gotham Knights" video game is set for October 25, and it looks like players are going to have an awful lot to explore. As we can see above, the map for the game's version of Gotham City has been revealed and it looks like the size of a "Grand Theft Auto" map or something along those lines. It is sprawling and will apparently come loaded with lots and lots of DC Comics history. Should keep Batman fans busy for many, many hours.

Wait, is Adam Scott playing Uncle Ben in the Madame Web movie?

What's the time? It's rumor time! Sony is currently in the middle of filming another "Spider-Man" spin-off film in the form of "Madame Web," which has Dakota Johnson in the lead role as the title character. But what of Adam Scott ("Severance," "Parks and Recreation") who was added to the cast late in the game? 

Well, a new report from Cosmic Circus breaks down some of the casting for the film and, according to the outlet, Scott is playing none other than Ben Parker, aka Uncle Ben. Yes, if this report is accurate (and until the information is verified elsewhere we can't say for certain), it means that a younger version of Peter Parker's uncle will be part of the goings on. Does that mean we are going back to the past of the Spider-Verse for this one? A curious development indeed.

Thor star Chris Hemsworth was a Batman kid as a fan, apparently

Chris Hemsworth has been gracing the silver screen as Thor for more than a decade in the MCU up to this point. He has cemented himself as a part of Marvel's legacy and will undoubtedly be associated with that role for the rest of his days. However, as the actor recently revealed on Twitter (in tongue-in-cheek fashion), he was actually more of a Batman fan as a young child. Be that as it may, he defected to Marvel to bring the God of Thunder to life and wasn't given the chance to show us his take on Bruce Wayne. One imagines he has no regrets about that and his bank account assuredly would tell you he made the right choice. Young Chris will simply have to understand.

She-Hulk featurette leans into the lawyer show of it all

The release of "She-Hulk: Attorney at Law" is nearly upon us and Marvel has unveiled a new featurette that really leans into the idea that this is, above all else, a lawyer show. Yes, there are superhero elements at play, but Tatiana Maslany's Jennifer Walters is still a lawyer even after she gets all mean and green. The intro to the featurette is particularly humorous with a real "Law & Order" vibe to it. Not to rain on anyone's parade but ... a lot of the CGI still looks kind of rough, I must admit from a personal view. We'll have to see how it plays out when watching an entire episode. Check out the full video for yourself above.

Joker: Folie à Deux is going to have a massive budget

Variety recently ran a report that detailed some of what is going on at DC in the wake of Warner Bros. Discovery CEO's plans to reshape the company. There is a lot of uncertainty but one of the most interesting bits of the report is that the only DC film that hasn't started production yet to have the green light at the studio is "Joker: Folie à Deux." The sequel to the 2019 smash hit is reportedly going to have a much larger budget, said to be in the $150 million range (the first movie cost around $70 million to make). Much of this is to cover huge salaries, but also to cover the complicated musical numbers because yes, this is going to be a musical. It is, on paper, wild to look at the fact that the only DC movie moving forward is a big-budget, likely R-rated musical Joker and Harley Quinn sequel. What a time to be alive.

Marvel's Spider-Man remastered arrives on PC, here's a new trailer

Lastly, today is the day as "Marvel's Spider-Man" has made its way to PC after several years of being a PlayStation exclusive. Specifically, the remastered version of the much-beloved game is now available to a much wider array of players, and the above trailer showcases what everyone can expect. The especially good news is that the game is also available on Steam Deck, making it even more accessible to people who may not have a full-on gaming PC setup. The game is available now through Steam or the Epic Games Store and runs $59.99.