Hulu's Devil In The White City Series Has The Good Taste To Cast Keanu Reeves

An adaptation of Erik Larson's non-fiction historical narrative "The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair That Changed America" has been in the works for over a decade, with talks of Leonardo DiCaprio attached to star going back as far as 2010. The adaptation has gone from being a film to a Hulu series, and DiCaprio has gone from star to executive producer, but there's finally some very exciting casting news for the project. According to TVLine, the series has been ordered by Hulu and will feature "John Wick" star Keanu Reeves in an unspecified role. Rumors of his being attached to the project began circulating earlier this year, but now it appears that he's confirmed to star. 

"The Devil in the White City" tells the true story of the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, following architect Daniel H. Burnham as he tries to create something that will wow fair attendees and Dr. H.H. Holmes, America's first "modern" serial killer. There's no word on which of the two characters Reeves will play, though he has the chops to tackle either (or both, honestly.)

A talented thespian turns to TV

This isn't Reeve's first television series, though it is his first major one. He previously co-starred on a Swedish comedy series which ran for two seasons and aired in the U.S. on Pop TV. "The Devil in the White City" would be his American television series debut, and with both DiCaprio and legendary Martin Scorsese attached as executive producers, it's one of pretty prestigious caliber.

It's easy to picture Reeves as either Burnham or Holmes, as both are deeply focused men, though with significantly different interests. Whether Reeves will play a man obsessed with his legacy or a man obsessed with murder is yet to be seen, though it might be neat to see him do both and show off his range as a performer. Initially DiCaprio was going to play Holmes, though there's no word on whether he's still attached in that capacity. Reeves and DiCaprio would be a lot of fun opposite one another, though it might not be as compelling as letting Reeves tackle the weird worlds of both men. After all, they're juxtaposed against one another as two sides of a coin, so why not take that one step further by having Reeves do both? 

Fans of Reeves will be able to hear him in theaters now as the voice of Batman in "DC League of Super-Pets" and will be able to see him reprise the role of perpetual badass John Wick in "John Wick: Chapter 4" on March 24, 2023. Scorsese and DiCaprio fans will be able to check out the DiCaprio-starring, Scorsese-helmed "The Wager," coming soon to Apple TV+. 

There's currently no release date for "The Devil in the White City," so stay tuned to /Film for all of the latest updates!