Tessa Thompson Explains The Chaos Behind Taika Waititi's Creative Style

Taika Waititi is one of the more unique voices to join the MCU, bringing his chaotic vibes and colorful, whimsy style to a franchise that is usually rather rigid and homogenous. This has made "Thor: Love and Thunder" an anticipated project, even if editing it was a nightmare for Waititi. The film is inspired by one of the best comic series runs in recent years, which sees Thor face a god-slaying enemy threatening all pantheons in the universe, and also sees a rather weird romance blossom between Thor and an old flame (not the one you think). With Waititi's sense of chaos and whimsy, we're sure to get something special.

Still, chaos is not generally something you want on a film set for a multi-million dollar blockbuster film part of the biggest franchise in the world. Or is it? Tessa Thompson has some thoughts.

Organized chaos

Speaking to Collider, Tessa Thompson described Waititi's creative style while working on "Thor: Love and Thunder."

"There's a fair amount of organized chaos, which apparently comedy is the introduction of chaos into an ordered system," Thompson explained, adding: 

"So it sort of makes sense that we work the other way around, that we first create the chaos, and then, this is what Taika does I think, is creates the chaos and then after it creates the order."

According to the actor, this means they can "go down whatever rabbit hole" they find most intriguing, whether that is on the script or not. Indeed, Waititi is known for allowing his actors to play with their lines on the spot, which may appear unusual in a franchise as tight and controlled as the MCU. Several scenes of "Thor: Ragnarok" were improvised, and things remained the same in "Love and Thunder."

"It's like we're always trying to get ourselves on the precipice of breaking, of it being so funny that we can't contain ourselves," added Thompson, who says they first figure out how to bring the stakes of the story forth and pair back the comedy: 

"It's kind of this imaginative space to go there if you were doing it the other way around, and trying to, in a really didactic way, tell a story and then infuse a sense of play and chaos. It's kind of harder to get there, in a weird way."

This leads us to ask, what will be the big improvised scene to break out of the film? We'll find out when "Thor: Love and Thunder" hits theaters on July 8, 2022.