The Best Romance In Love And Thunder Isn't Between Thor And Jane

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a bit of a weird relationship with romance. Phase One was filled with love interests for our heroes to try and sweep off their feet, including some played by Academy Award winners! But as the MCU grew larger, more elaborate, and hugely successful, it kind of just forgot about these love interests and ignored these romances in favor of very, very chaste and bombastic hero stories.

But "Thor: Love and Thunder" is hellbent on fulfilling the promise of its title, with a romance to end all MCU romances now that Thor is being reunited with his old flame Jane. Except the biggest romance in the film is not between Thor and Jane, former lovers who got distant and broke up off-screen now turned gods of thunder. No, this is a Taika Waititi movie, after all, so the best romance is the classic tale of a boy and his hammer.

A jealous axe and a resurfacing hammer

/Film got to attend the press conference for "Thor: Love and Thunder," and star Chris Hemsworth teased the emotional core of the film being all about the god of thunder and his two weapons of choice. As Hemsworth explains it, not only does Jane the ex-girlfriend turn up in the movie, also dressed up as Thor, but she is wielding Mjolnir.

"And all of a sudden the weapon that he held so dear and for so many years now belongs to someone else. And then he has Stormbreaker who starts to sense a little, just little jealousy there."

Now, Thor being emotionally immature and being jealous not just of Jane's powers, but of her using his hammer makes complete sense. Korg called it, after all, when he said "sounds like you had a pretty special and intimate relationship with this hammer and that losing it was almost comparable to loving a loved one" back in "Thor: Ragnarok." But what is this about Stormbreaker, the non-sentient axe, having feelings?

Well, according to Waititi, don't expect to see Stormbreaker talk, but maybe react emotionally to what is happening around it.

"You gotta remember Stormbreaker is made of Groot's arm, well the handle is. And so Groot was like a teenager when he did that. So we felt like Stormbreaker was a young weapon who had only just been born about five or six years ago. So it had to feel a little bit like an adolescent, like it was going through changes and having mood swings."

Are there any other sentient weapons in the MCU that we've met already? Is Ant-Man's suit alive? What about Hawkeye's bow? Does it have feelings too? It was also made out of a tree, probably.

Fine out the answers when "Thor: Love and Thunder" hits theaters on July 8, 2022.