How Moon Knight Stands Out From The Rest Of The MCU, Both Comedically And Heroically

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a formula, one that the studio has built over 20+ movies in almost 15 years. But we're seeing the formula evolve, with movies like "Iron Man 3," or now with TV shows like "WandaVision," changing up the format and delivering exciting movies that feel unlike anything that came before it.

Now, it seems the next title to follow that trend is "Moon Knight," the new Marvel show coming to Disney+ which promises to be full of brutal, gritty action, and also a nuance portrayal of mental health that we haven't seen in the MCU yet. Still, this is a Marvel show about a superhero, so you better bet that there will be heroics, and plenty of humor. Thankfully, though, it seems even there, "Moon Knight" will do things its own way.

"What makes him so special is that he has this little Englishman living inside of him"

During a press conference for "Moon Knight" attended by /Film, Oscar Isaac talked about how the show stands apart from other titles in the MCU in terms of superheroics.

"There was a real opportunity to do something completely different, particularly in the MCU. And to really focus on this internal struggle of this character and to use Egyptian iconography and the superhero genre, this language, to talk about this real internal struggle that this person is having. And also to create an indelible, unusual character, particularly with Steven Grant." 

Of course, it takes a village to make a movie or TV show, especially a Marvel one, and Isaac recognizes this.

"It felt like for me, once I got a real take on how I wanted to play Steven and I brought that to everyone and they welcomed that with open arms, I also realized I had real, incredible collaborators and it was going to be a creative adventure."

According to Isaac, the show, which follows a normal civilian suffering from dissociative identity disorder, is all about placing you inside the skin of the protagonist and his multiple personalities. "You're experiencing it just as he's experiencing it," he continues.

"I think Steven in particular, there's a sense of humor there that is different from what we've seen. I think Marvel in particular have done such an amazing job at combining action and comedy in such a great way. And I thought with Steven, there was a chance to do a different type of comedy than we've seen, of somebody that doesn't know they're funny, doesn't know they're being funny. And that was really exciting."

Of course, the big personality we'll see in the show is the mercenary Marc, who also acts as the vigilante Moon Knight. More importantly, he has a weird accent.

" Then to find the counterpoint of that with Marc, in some ways leaning into a bit of the stereotype of the tortured, dark, vigilante guy, that what makes him so special is that he has this little Englishman living inside of him."

If there's something we can count on, is Oscar Isaac going full weird in a role.

"Moon Knight" is set to premiere on Disney+ on March 30, 2022.