The Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol Score Is Getting The Mondo Vinyl Treatment

Finally, the perfect pre-game soundtrack. And I don't mean pre-gaming the big party, I mean pre-gaming life. If you'd like to channel a little bit of Tom Cruise's confusingly confident, Scientology-influenced, high-energy stuntman vibes in your day to day life, you better get your credit card ready... Oh and you might want to invest in a record player if you don't have one of those yet. I mean, I know indie sleaze is back and we're all riding the quickly coiling trend circle, but just in case you haven't gotten back into vinyl again, you're gonna want to hear these sounds on the finest wax money can buy.

In case you haven't put the pieces together, the "Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol" score is getting a slick vinyl release, courtesy of the movie score fiends at Mondo. If you haven't bought into a Mondo record release yet, you're in for a treat. The company may be best known for their gorgeous, eclectic, and always sold out movie posters, but their records are just as beautifully designed and they're a little easier to get your hands on.

Channel your inner Cruise

In this case, "Ghost Protocol" is getting the double LP treatment with limited edition colored vinyl that looks like a ghostly beige, but is actually called "sand storm." I mean, sure, you could go for the classic black vinyl, but where's the fun in that? The album art features your boy Tom Cruise (technically, the character Ethan Hunt, but you know what I mean) climbing the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, and it looks just cool enough that from afar your friends might think you've gotten really into an obscure band before they realize that's Tom Cruise's face and the "Mission: Impossible" logo.

But let's be real, you're not buying this just because you're a Tom Cruise fan, you're buying it because you're a Tom Cruise fan and/or a Michael Giacchino fan, and one of those things is a little cooler than the other. No matter how you feel about the long-running "Mission: Impossible" franchise at large, you can't deny Giacchino's chops. The man knows his way around a score and he will wield the power of music like a weapon to make you cry if that's what he desires. He's just that good. You'll pay $35 to feel the soaring highs of the "Ghost Protocol" soundtrack in the privacy of your home and you'll like it.

All of this is in honor of the 10th anniversary of "Ghost Protocol," which is the fourth film in the eight film (and counting) franchise, but you already knew that. With "Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning" being recently announced and "Top Gun: Maverick" flying into theaters on May 27, 2022, it begs the question, are we on the edge of a Cruise-aissance?