Oscar Isaac Wants Moon Knight To Team Up With The Hulk, Which Makes Perfect Sense

Even after 14 years and nearly 30 movies that have built up the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is easy to take for granted how special it feels to see these decades-long Marvel Comics characters interact on the big (and small) screen. Two decades ago it would have been impossible to imagine Spider-Man and Doctor Strange fighting each other or Hawkeye talking about Kingpin.

Of course, with an expanded cinematic universe with intricate story plans and dozens of very busy actors, not all Marvel heroes get to meet. This just means it's up to fans to imagine Thor interacting with Black Panther or Spider-Man and Black Widow fighting a foe together. But it turns out, it is not just the fans who have wish lists of heroes they'd like to see team up, but actors too. This includes Oscar Isaac, who is already envisioning the future of "Moon Knight" in the MCU.

The brains and the brawn

Speaking to Screen Rant, director Mohamed Diab opened up about the future of Steven Grant in the MCU and which Marvel character Moon Knight should meet next. Diab said:

"Oscar said this idea about teaming up with the Hulk. It's a crazy idea to have two people, in a way, who have two characters interacting with each other. Just imagine that back and forth, back and forth, between the four of them. It would be so interesting. I like Mark Ruffalo, for sure. I love everyone, but I'm telling you that interaction could be very interesting."

While "Moon Knight" is definitely a part of the MCU timeline, it is light on references and Easter eggs to the larger Marvel universe. This makes the show stronger since it doesn't have to worry about justifying its place in the universe by making everything fit. Still, for fans wanting to see Steven Grant rub elbows with the Avengers, there's hope. 

Recently, Diab spoke of his wish to see Moon Knight in more adventures. Diab said, "I can see him in the next 10 years, not just the next film. He's a very interesting character. He's probably the most interesting character for any actor to play." Meanwhile, head writer Jeremy Slater said he could see Moon Knight eventually make his way to the Avengers team itself

The pairing of Moon Knight with Hulk is definitely interesting. For one, the weirdness of Marc Spector and Khonshu matches perfectly with the green behemoth, especially after his portrayal in "Thor Ragnarok" where he acted like a big green baby that can punch really hard. Then there's the acting aspect, and seeing Mark Ruffalo and Oscar Isaac go at it, each portraying characters who struggle with identity, but who are huge nerds would be a delight. But of course, since Bruce Banner and Hulk have become one, in the form of Professor Hulk, it may not be quite as enjoyable as it once could have been. But there's always "She-Hulk," right?

Will it happen? That remains to be seen. For now, "Moon Knight" is streaming on Disney+, with new episodes premiering weekly.