Everything We Know About Marvel's She-Hulk Series So Far

"She-Hulk" is about to join Daredevil in the ranks of superheroes who are a dual threat — fighting both in the streets and in the courtroom. After the emotional conclusion of the Infinity Saga, the Marvel Cinematic Universe entered a longer-than-expected hiatus. When Marvel Studios finally came back, it decided to make up for lost time with our current reality: a constant stream of new MCU movies and shows. 

Included in the never-ending list of upcoming Marvel projects is the much-anticipated Disney+ series "She-Hulk," which will introduce Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who can also turn into a large, green and very powerful version of herself that's not too different from Bruce Banner's alter ego. If she's anywhere near as dangerous as the Hulk himself, we'd best keep a close eye on her upcoming adventures.

Here's everything we already know about the upcoming "She-Hulk" series.

When and Where To Watch "She-Hulk"

"She-Hulk" is joining the growing roster of Marvel heroes embarking on solo journeys on Disney+. In a post shared on TikTok and Twitter, cast member Jameela Jamil revealed that "She-Hulk" will premiere sometime in 2022. 

The 10-episode series will have half-hour episodes that add up to about six hours of TV, according to Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige. This makes the series part of the bustling Phase 4 of the MCU, alongside the other Disney+ shows premiering next year, "Ms. Marvel," "Moon Knight," and "Secret Invasion."

What We Think "She-Hulk" Is About

In typical Marvel fashion, "She-Hulk" is shrouded in secrecy — but thanks to the comics, we have a few leads to help us speculate. So far, we know for sure that the series centers on Jennifer Walters, a lawyer who specializes in cases involving superhumans. She also happens to be the cousin of Bruce Banner. 

In the comics, Jennifer gets her powers after an emergency blood transfusion from her cousin grants her the ability to Hulk out, minus the whole "losing all self-control" bit. Unlike Bruce, she keeps her intelligence and personality — but still turns that lovely shade of Hulk green. 

Feige has described the series as a "half-hour legal comedy," and also promises it will be faithful to comic writer John Byrne's take on She-Hulk. This description was mildly surprising because Byrne's version of the character isn't the closest her stories get to straight-up legal comedies; the mid-2000s Dan Slott run and the Charles Soule run from the 2010s are more along those lines, while Byrne used the character to satirize comic books. His She-Hulk was self-aware and constantly breaking the fourth wall. So if the idea is to marry aspects of each run together, it looks like we might just get a case-of-the-week legal drama that crosses over into "Deadpool"-adjacent meta-humor.

We also know that, following her series, Jennifer Walters is expected to make the crossover into MCU movies. We can expect the "She-Hulk" TV show to work as an origin story that connects some dots between the bigger stories erupting in the MCU. Maybe Jennifer will sue someone we know!

What We Know About The "She-Hulk" Cast and Crew

Tatiana Maslany is suiting up to play the role of the titular "She-Hulk." She'll be spending a lot of time in those weird mo-cap suits that create the movie-magic Hulk, but even that isn't as complicated as her time on "Orphan Black." Maslany famously played 14 wildly different clones over the course of the sci-fi drama's five seasons. 

Mark Ruffalo is set to reprise the role of Bruce Banner, our favorite genius scientist who got his abilities many movies ago after experimenting with gamma radiation. He's since found a way to coexist much more comfortably with the Hulk, as we saw in "Avengers: Endgame" when the giant green monster learned to wear glasses and take selfies with fans. Another familiar face will accompany Ruffalo — Tim Roth as the Abomination. The former soldier attempted to recreate Banner's experiment, but instead transformed himself into a humanoid monster (most recently seen in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.")

"She-Hulk" also stars Jameela Jamil ("The Good Place") as supervillain Titania, a rival for Maslany's She-Hulk. Ginger Gonzaga ("Mixology") will play Jennifer's best friend, and Renee Elise Goldsberry ("Hamilton") will play a character named Amelia. Anais Almonte ("Gotham") and Josh Segarra ("Arrow")  have been cast in unknown roles.

In the writers room, "She-Hulk" is led by Jessica Gao, the writer-producer who won an Emmy for the famous "Rick and Morty" episode "Pickle Rick." Her prior credits induce "Robot Chicken" and "Silicon Valley." Gao is joined by writers Dana Schwartz, Melissa Hunter, Cody Ziglar, and Kara Brown. ​​Kat Coiro ("It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia") and Anu Valia ("Never Have I Ever") are directing.