Moon Knight Director Mohamed Diab Hopes For Longevity In The Character's MCU Future

The legacy of Marc Spector and his alter egos in Marvel's "Moon Knight" comics is already legendary, given the complex, psychological nature of the narratives surrounding the character. Now, "Moon Knight" Disney+ series director Mohamed Diab hopes that the titular character will enjoy further longevity within the ambit of the MCU. In an exclusive interview with SFX Magazine (via Game Rant), Diab spoke about his "dream and wish" that "Moon Knight" will gradually go on to star in a film in the future, bolstered by the fact the upcoming limited series is already one of the most anticipated MCU offerings of the year.

'I'm the moon's knight of vengeance'

The trailers for "Moon Knight" have been met with overwhelmingly positive reactions, as fans are excited to see Oscar Isaac don the suit and enact vengeance as the chosen avatar of the Moon God, Khonshu. To make matters more thrilling, Dr. Harrow (Ethan Hawke) seems like a compelling protagonist, machinating events from the shadows that compel Steven to come to terms with his Marc Spector persona. The "Moon Knight" comics, although well-loved, are highly underrated when compared to other Marvel comic book characters, but the release of the Disney+ show might just change that for good.

Diab's desire for "Moon Knight" to become an MCU film has been echoed by showrunner Jeremy Slater, who recently expressed his desire for the character to team up with the Avengers in the future. Diab emphasized this sentiment by comparing to the success of "WandaVision," which will not be getting a second season, although Wanda is set to return in the upcoming "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness:"

"I dream and wish for a film. But with Marvel, the way they play it, it's not like you graduate into a film. You can go into a film and come to a TV show and go back. It's like a crazy world. Even with the successful shows, like WandaVision, they're not doing season two. She jumped into a film, maybe she's going to come back or not. I don't know. And that's exciting."

"But I can tell you for a fact, I can see him in the next 10 years, not just the next film. He's a very interesting character. He's probably the most interesting character for any actor to play. Oscar is doing a great job. People already like him even from the trailer. I think the show's going to resonate with people, so I see him staying for a long time."

Diab is absolutely right about Moon Knight being an interesting character, and given that Khonshu's avatar has not been portrayed in live-action until the upcoming series, it is possible that Marc/Steven will go on to be a legacy character, like Iron Man or Captain America.

"Moon Knight" premieres on March 30, 2022, on Disney+.