What We Do In The Shadows Actor Harvey Guillen Joins Harley Quinn Season 3 As Nightwing

Harvey Guillén is getting into the superhero business. Guillén is known already for his role as Guillermo, a "familiar" with vampire hunting in his family history on FX's "What We Do in the Shadows," but now he seems to be taking a cue from Blade, the vampire hunter who led the way for the superhero movie millennium. Per Deadline, Guillén has landed a voice role as Nightwing, the grown version of Batman's sidekick, Robin, in the HBO Max series, "Harley Quinn."

Earlier this month, we heard that "Harley Quinn" season 3 was still on track for a 2022 release, though no official date has been announced yet for its premiere. The character herself, voiced by Kaley Cuoco ("The Flight Attendant," "The Big Bang Theory"), presented a sizzle reel with Ron Funches as King Shark at DC FanDome last October, where they joked about the long road to the screen for season 3. Nightwing, meanwhile, was recently alluded to in an Easter egg in "The Batman," referencing the city of Blüdhaven, similar to how "Batman Forever" once referenced Superman's Metropolis. In the comics, Blüdhaven became Nightwing's stomping grounds after he left Gotham City.

"Harley Quinn" isn't the only DC project that Guillén has on his docket. He's also set to appear in "Blue Beetle." Outside that, he appeared last year in the horror-comedy, "Werewolves Within," and this year in Amazon's popular new streaming series, "Reacher."

Guillén could be a more sensitive Nightwing

As we previously reported, "Harley Quinn" moved to HBO Max after its original streaming outlet, DC Universe, rebranded exclusively as a digital comics service. The adult-oriented show follows the adventures of Joker's girlfriend as she breaks up with him and hooks up with fellow Batman villain, Poison Ivy (Lake Bell).

Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm, Harley Quinn originated as a character on "Batman: The Animated Series," where she proved so popular that she soon crossed over into comics and eventually live-action movies. Margot Robbie played her in David Ayer's "Suicide Squad," Cathy Yan's "Birds of Prey," and James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad."

In the comics, Blüdhaven is a violent place where crime is even worse than Gotham. Nightwing's rough-and-tumble adventures there see him squaring off in intense close-quarters combat with the supervillain Blockbuster, for instance. Based on Guillén's voice in "What We Do in the Shadows," though, it seems like "Harley Quinn" fans could have a more sensitive version of Nightwing in store for them. We'll know more maybe once a trailer for season 3 hits.

"Harley Quinn" season 3 debuts on HBO Max sometime later this year.