Paramount Plus Orders More 1883 And Another Yellowstone Prequel, 1932

Paramount+ has ordered the expansion of the Dutton family story.

The streaming service has found its golden goose with the Taylor Sheridan-created series "Yellowstone" and its spin-off prequel "1883," and they're not letting go anytime soon, opting instead to spread the material across several projects. Paramount announced on Tuesday that it has put in an order for an as-yet undecided number of additional episodes on top of the nine already out the door for "1883." But don't call it a season renewal. 

"1883" stars Tim McGraw as Civil War veteran James Dutton, an ancestor of the "Yellowstone" Duttons forging a path with his family towards a new home in the untamed wilderness from Texas to Montana. Faith Hill stars as his wife Margaret, Isabel May is daughter Elsa, and Audie Rick plays the role of young John Dutton, Sr.

The series set streaming premiere records at Paramount+, grabbing 4.9 million total viewers in Nielsen's Live + Same Day ratings. /Film writer Jenna Busch was instantly "blown away" by the show, which she calls a must-watch as it entered its fourth season last fall. It's such a windfall for the streamer that trouble continues to brew between Paramount+ and its frenemy service, Peacock. The latter somehow squeezed "Yellowstone" streaming rights from ViacomCBS, breaking up the franchise into multiple services and confusing fans who expected to be able to binge the series entire on Paramount+. Viacom reportedly tried to buy back the series, but Peacock is understandably desperate to hang onto such a valuable property. 

Now, the show is set to branch out into yet another spinoff – a series bringing the Duttons to a new avenue of outlaw income and peril, this time in the 20th century.

New Year, New Sheridan

Taylor Sheridan fans can rejoice with the new series, "1932," which adds another set of branches to the Dutton family tree. The show will be produced by MTV Entertainment Studios and 101 Studios, and further expands on a universe that has already gotten a spinoff in "6666," about the famous family-owned, West Texas-based Four Sixes ranch that has operated since 1870. Paramount says the series "will follow a new generation of Duttons during the time of Western expansion, Prohibition and the Great Depression." It appears that rumrunners and moonshiners might make their way into the Dutton tale, which fits right in with the show's streak of lawlessness and perseverance.

In other Paramount+ news, Taylor Sheridan has a new show coming with Terence Winter, and you'll never guess its star. 

Sylvester Stallone is heading to television for his first starring role on the small screen in "Kansas City," where the "Rocky" star plays an Italian New York mobster named Sal forced to relocate to Kansas City, Missouri, where absurdity would naturally ensue in the style of the tense FX series "Fargo." No word yet on release dates for "Kansas City," "1932," or the new episodes of "1883," but we'll keep an eye out for developments.