How 1883 Is Connected To Yellowstone, According To Star Tim McGraw

"Yellowstone" fans are about to get a prequel entitled "1883," and they're excited. I know this because I was standing in front of them on the red carpet for the "1883" premiere at Wynn Las Vegas. I heard the screaming, especially when Tim McGraw hit the carpet. I got a chance to speak to him during the press day for the series, and he told us about the connection between the two shows. 

McGraw plays James Dutton, an ancestor of the Duttons of "Yellowstone." The series takes us on the journey from Texas to Montana, as James and his family finds a brand new home. James is a Civil War veteran who's been through the Battle of Antietam, and who wants a better life for his family. Faith Hill plays his wife Margaret, Isabel May is his daughter Elsa, and Audie Rick plays the very little (and very cute) John Dutton Sr. 

So, will fans of the series like the new show? McGraw says: 

"Yes. I think if you're a 'Yellowstone' fan and you watch the show, first off, I don't think you have to be a 'Yellowstone' fan to watch this show. I think this show stands on its own and you can not have ever seen 'Yellowstone' and you can watch this show and you completely get it."

He continued:

"But I think it will make you want to watch Yellowstone if you haven't watched Yellowstone when you watch this. And I think if you are Yellowstone fan and you'll want to see this, because you'll want to see where did this fire and this stealing and this love of family come from. Why is this so ingrained in this family?"

Faith Hill Thinks Kevin Costner Looks More Like Her Than Tim McGraw

Other than the Dutton name, are there connections between the series? McGraw says that there are, even mentioning "Yellowstone" star Kevin Costner:

"I think you'll see that with our characters. I think you'll see it with Isabel and Margaret. You'll see where some of Beth Dutton comes from. And I certainly think with James, with his love of family and determination to do anything for his family, regardless of the rules, regardless of what's for right or wrong, regardless of what the world might think, he will do anything for his family. And I think you'll see that from James to Kevin. But Faith also likes to say that she thinks that since she's Kevin's great-grandmother that he looks more like her than he does me."

"1883" will premiere on Paramount+ on December 19, 2021. The series also stars Sam Elliott and LaMonica Garrett.