Superhero Bits: Moon Knight Cast Reacts To The Trailer, Willem Dafoe's Joker Pitch & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • "Moon Knight" gets a poster and a synopsis

  • Willen Dafoe has a pitch for playing Joker

  • The Batman Oreos get a trailer (yes, really)

  • The Amazing Spider-Man is starting over with a new #1

  • All that and more!

The CW Sizzle Reel

The CW has released a new sizzle reel that showcases a lot of what they have coming up for mid-season 2022. As one might expect, there is a decent chunk of Arrowverse footage in here, ranging from "Naomi" to "Superman & Lois" and everything in between Be sure to check it out in its entirety if you want to catch these brief glimpses of superhero goodness sprinkled throughout.

The Amazing Spider-Man Comic Is Getting a Reset

As reported by GamesRadar, Marvel Comics is set to reset "The Amazing Spider-Man" with a new #1 issue in April. John Romita Jr. is returning to the character to handle art for the new book, with Zeb Wells serving as the main writer. The initial arc of the run will see Peter Parker facing off against classic villains such as Doctor Octopus, Master Planner, and Tombstone. Wells had this to say:

"I've waited my entire career to work with John Romita Jr. To team up with him on Amazing Spider-Man for the character's 60th anniversary is so exciting words can't describe it. We're gonna have a blast!"

Oftentimes, resetting a book's numbering is a way to re-invigorate sales, and that is more than likely what is going on here. Plus, the whole Spidey's 60th-anniversary business. "The Amazing Spider-Man" #1 hits shelves on April 6.

Eternals IMAX On Disney+ Featurette

Marvel's "Eternals" recently made its way to Disney+, offering a much wider audience the chance to see Chloe Zhao's ambitious (though divisive) MCU epic. Now, Zhao is offering some perspective in the above featurette on why watching the movie in its expanded IMAX aspect ratio on the streaming service might be worth your time. Disney+ has offered several MCU movies with "IMAX Enhanced" versions, including the expanded aspect ratios used in certain sequences only seen in IMAX theaters. Hear Zhao's pitch for this IMAX experience at home, and give it a shot.

Is Batman Going to Say This In The Batman?

A Batman enthusiast on Twitter posted a brief video of what looks to be an action figure depicting Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader from "The Batman." What's more, the figure uses the phrase, "I am the night," which is something that the hero has been known to say over the years. This leads us to believe that Pattinson may well be using the phrase in the movie, since Warner Bros. opted to include it in a toy. That's not to say this is for sure going to be the case, but we've already heard him say "I'm vengeance," so is this really a big stretch?

The Batman Oreos Are Coming

We recently learned that Warner Bros. is going to have a massive tie-in campaign for "The Batman," which will include a great many products. Among that list of products is a line of Oreos that will feature Batman himself. It's not unusual for such things to happen with blockbuster films, especially with popular superheroes. But it's pretty remarkable for some cookies featuring Batman on them to get a full-blown, cinematic-style trailer. Is this going to sell more tickets and/or cookies? We don't know, but it certainly signals (no pun intended) that this movie is finally coming in the near future after a very long wait.

Moon Knight Synopsis Raises Questions

Marvel recently released the trailer for "Moon Knight," which arrives on Disney+ in March and stars Oscar Isaac in the title role. Many expected that the actor would primarily be playing Marc Spector. However, the synopsis implies that the show will shift focus to Steven Grant, another one of the hero's identities from the comics. The synopsis reads as follows:

The series follows Steven Grant, a mild-mannered gift-shop employee, who becomes plagued with blackouts and memories of another life. Steven discovers he has dissociative identity disorder and shares a body with mercenary Marc Spector. As Steven/Marc's enemies converge upon them, they must navigate their complex identities while thrust into a deadly mystery among the powerful gods of Egypt.

The trailer is pretty trippy and makes it clear that they are going to lean into the whole multiple personality thing, so it very well could be that, by the end of the series, we're more in Spector's shoes than Grant's, but it's interesting that they're choosing to start from this place.

Moon Knight Trailer Reaction With Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke

Also on the "Moon Knight" front, Marvel has released a video that sees Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke, who is playing the show's main villain, reacting to the trailer. It is pretty charming watching two actors who are so accomplished watch this in real-time and get genuinely excited when they see the full costume at the end of the footage. Those feeling particularly hyped about the show would do well to watch this.

Willem Dafoe Wants to Play Joker, and He's Got a Pitch

Willem Dafoe, one of our most accomplished and diverse actors, has fantasized about playing Joker. A recent interview with British GQ finds Dafoe dreaming about putting a different kind of spin on the character:

"There is something interesting about, like, if there was a Joker imposter. So it would be possible to have not dueling Jokers but someone that [claims] to be the Joker that isn't the Joker. And that kind of opens up the possibility of an interesting story, particularly if you had Joaquin Phoenix's Joker, and then you had someone who was either imitating or riffing off what he did. I fantasized about that. But other than that I am not talking to anybody [about it], you're the first one."

It certainly doesn't sound like this is remotely official, but Dafoe at least has an idea beyond wanting to merely play Batman's foe. If the internet is to be believed, Dafoe has consistently been a very popular choice to take on the villainous role. For what it's worth, "Joker 2" does seem to be in some form of development, and stranger things have happened. Just look at "Spider-Man: No Way Home."

Moon Knight Poster

Last, but certainly not least, we end with yet another bit of "Moon Knight" goodness in the form of the show's official poster. This is, admittedly, quite a bit more stylish and mysterious than we're accustomed to in the realm of big-budget Marvel adaptations, and certainly adds more fuel to the hype train that is currently moving full speed ahead. We shall see if it delivers on the promise when the series hits Disney+ on March 30.