Peacemaker Clip: Peacemaker Is Totally A Better Superhero Than Aquaman

"I can't believe they're letting me shoot this," Gunn reportedly said on the set of "Peacemaker," the new show for HBO Max centered on John Cena's breakout performance in "The Suicide Squad." When James Gunn said that "Peacemaker" was going to be a "funeral for Warner Bros.," it sounds like he was talking about the type of material, as seen in the latest teaser clip released, where "Peacemaker" talks about smoking weed with the hospital janitor (Rizwan Manji of "Schitt's Creek"), and dropping a whole lot of f-bombs.

James Gunn wrote all eight episodes of the upcoming "Peacemaker" series, and served as the director on five. Based on everything we've seen from teasers and set reports, it truly does seem like Gunn has been given carte blanche to make the hero series, well, as "James Gunn" as humanly possible. Lest we forget, Gunn comes from a background of low-budget schlock with Troma films, and his edgy sensibilities pop up throughout all of his work ... which is likely why that Comic-Con exclusive promo clip features Peacemaker delivering the hilarious line of "F*** Aquaman!" Is Peacemaker a better superhero than Aquaman? I can't claim to be an authority on whether or not Peacemaker's claims are true, but with an argument like "all they do is swim," in reference to the fact fish cannot understand peace, Peacemaker may be on to something.

Wait. IS Peacemaker More Famous Than Aquaman?

Peacemaker Christopher Smith makes the bold claim that he's more famous than Arthur Curry's Aquaman, so I got to thinking about the validity of that statement as someone who doesn't actually follow the canon of the DC Cinematic Universe, because I am old, tired, and have the attention span of a seagull on a crowded beach. That said, Smith may have a point!

Until Jason Momoa made the character ridiculously hot and kind of cool in "Aquaman," I spent my entire upbringing thinking the character was lame because "Super Friends" painted him that way, and every cartoon parody portrays aquatic heroes as punchlines, with Seaman of "South Park" and Mermaid Man of "Spongebob Squarepants" as standouts. There's definitely been more exposure to the existence of Aquaman, but it has been overwhelmingly negative until very recently. Whereas Peacemaker, a character many didn't know existed until "The Suicide Squad" came about, was immediately awesome. Aquaman is frequently outshined by Superman and Batman whereas Peacemaker is slowly carving out a niche for himself as the premiere anti-hero. He's definitely got some ground to cover in the longevity of popularity department, but those that know him seem to love him a lot more than they do the King of the Seven Seas, even though he's more of a villain than a hero. Sorry, fish-boy, I'm giving the popularity contest crown to Peacemaker.

"Peacemaker" debuts on HBO Max on January 13, 2021 with episodes released weekly.