Peacemaker Is James Gunn Unleashed, Calls It A 'Funeral' For Warner Bros.

One of the breakout successes of James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad" was John Cena's turn as The Peacemaker, the ultra-violent vigilante who believes in peace at all costs (as he sees it), literally murdering his way through supposed obstacles to freedom. At DC Fandome, we saw a significant early glimpse at the forthcoming HBO Max "Peacemaker" series, set to premiere on HBO Max on January 13, 2021. Gunn wrote all eight episodes of the high profile series and directed five episodes himself.

In a panel previewing what we can expect from "Peacemaker," executive producer Matt Miller summarized the show in an unexpected way, highlighting: 

" ... with the action and the spectacle and the emotion and the comedy, it's also like this workplace comedy at the center of it about all of these characters that kind of come together.. it's like 'The Office' as a superhero show."

The panel revealed a number of other unexpected details that should make DC fans excited for what's in store.

James Gunn Unleashed

James Gunn lauded Warner Bros. for their support of his artistic vision for "Peacemaker," but the panel joked that the support may come with an unexpected price. Steve Agee, who plays operative John Economos, noted he'd never seen Gunn happier.

"I've never seen him more giddy working on something in my entire life," said Agee. "There was one night we were shooting and the whole time, it was like three in the morning, and James is just running around laughing like a maniac and he kept saying 'I can't believe they're letting me shoot this."

Gunn laughed in response, noting: 

"That's the happiest night of my life. I'm like... that was Warner Bros.' funeral that they let me do that, we'll see."

The panel also noted that the series will see an unexpected star in Peacemaker's pet eagle, Eagley. John "Peacemaker" Cena himself explained that Eagley is "Peacemaker's pet eagle, and he's Peacemaker's best friend. As a dowel with some green tape on it, Eagley stole the show."

The quote reveals both that Eagley is a scene-stealer to watch... and gives a little window into the techniques needed to bring him to life onscreen. "Peacemaker" drops on HBO Max January 13, 2021, with no update yet on Gunn's expected date for Warner Bros.' funeral.