Fangoria Cover Reveal: The Iconic Horror Magazine's Latest Cover's A Real Scream [Exclusive]

Fangoria's back at it with another amazing subscriber-exclusive cover, and this one is a real scream (I'm not sorry). The wicked design features the iconic Ghostface unapologetically slashing through a poster for "Stab 5," the unforgettable meta movie-within-a-movie. To quote one psychotic film geek that fans of the franchise know and love, "Nice twist huh? Didn't see it coming, did you?" 

Check out the exclusive cover below.

'Don't F*** With the Original'

You have to hand it to Fango for printing "This issue's an absolute scream" on the cover, a joke I co-opted for this very story. Is this meta enough for you, Wes (or Mr. Craven if you're nasty)? Is this what you wanted?!

The "Scream" appreciation isn't limited to the front of the magazine, of course, as Volume 2, Issue 14 is full to the brim with amazing content for franchise fans. First up, a conversation with Tyler Gillett, Matt Bettinelli-Olpin, and Chad Villella of Radio Silence, the creative collective behind the upcoming fifth installment, and franchise creator Kevin Williamson.

Not enough? Fango really lets the good times roll, highlighting the history of the "Scream" franchise while honoring series-within-a-series, "Stab," and clearly earning that cover! If you're looking for a little pre-game, if you will, before you dive into the latest chapter in Craven's meta-horror story and the terrifying world of Ghostface, you've certainly come to the right place.

Do You Like Scary Movies?

On top of all of the "Scream" goodness a serial killer could ever want, this issue features some new flicks on the block. Those of you excited for "The Black Phone" (a mean little horror movie from the Blumhouse team featuring Ethan Hawke as a child killer) won't want to miss a convo with writer/director Scott Derrickson, writer C. Robert Cargill, and Joe Hill, who's responsible for penning the terrifying source material. "The Black Phone" will hit theaters on February 4, 2022. 

Rounding out the new stuff, Fango's giving us dispatches from the set of "The Last Thing Mary Saw." The understated horror movie stars Isabelle Fuhrman ("Orphan") and Stefanie Scott ("Insidious: Chapter 3") as two young women caught in the crosshairs of an investigation following a mysterious death in 19th century New York. Nothing is scarier than the past! Well, the past and a creepy turn from Rory Culkin ("Scream 4"). 

Of course, it's not all shiny and new. The issue features an interview with Lucky McKee in honor of the 20th anniversary of his absolutely iconic "May," a celebration of "Nosferatu" on its 100th anniversary (goths, take note), and a walk down memory lane with actor Devon Sawa. You may recognize him from such horror classics as "Final Destination," "Idle Hands," and "Casper"! Not to mention the "Chucky" series on FX from franchise creator Don Mancini. 

For the gorehounds, you can expect a sweet little best deaths of the year roundup (truly the best kind of listicle), and a look at the nominees for next year's Fangoria Chainsaw Awards. The issue also promises some excellent original art by Vanessa McKee and Spicy Donut (AKA Devin Lawson).

Want the exclusive "Scream" Kills "Stab" cover with all the goodies inside? The only way to get it is to gift yourself an annual Fangoria subscription. Just to sweeten the deal, Fango's offering 25% off said subscription when you use the code FANGOSCREAM. Your mom and dad definitely won't be mad at you. 

But you only have until December 19 to subscribe, and then it's curtains for the ol' Ghostface cover. Considering their most recent "Halloween Kills" subscriber exclusive from last month is currently fetching over $200 on eBay, and that "Scream" ("5cream"?) is the most eagerly anticipated horror release on the horizon, you'll want to make sure you get a copy.

"Scream" slashes into theaters on January 14, 2022.