Watch: 'Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge' Takes You On A Food Crawl Tour Around Batuu

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is officially open. We've had extensive coverage of the theme park expansion at Disneyland, including an awesome video from our own Peter Sciretta, who was there on opening day. But for those of you who aren't lucky enough to get in on the first month's opening and may be holding off awhile before visiting Batuu, we have something that will hold you over, especially if you're thirsty for some blue milk or hungry for some alien meat.Star Wars has released an official video that takes you around the food and beverage hot spots in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, showing off all the stuff you can eat and drink in a galaxy far, far away. You might have already seen the full menu of offerings, but this video actually takes you into these establishments and shows you the goods in an up close and personal way. Watch the Star Wars Galaxy's Edge food video below and try not to drool on yourself.

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Food Video

Whether you want some Smoked Kaadu Ribs from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo or a tasty Bespin Fizz from Oga's Cantina, this video has it all. There's blue and green milk for the fans looking for a creamy, ice cold beverage, and some Batuu-bon dessert to go with it. It's everything you'd want from a Star Wars eating experience, with, perhaps, the exception of any roasted Porg meat, which is apparently not on the menu. Apparently they don't want anymore kids crying in Batuu than your standard Disneyland experience, so whatever.

If you'd like a further breakdown of the delicious offerings inside Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, our own Peter Sciretta tried as much as he could in the theme park and provided an extensive review of his feast during his visit, as well as the experience of drinking alcohol in the park for the first time. There's also another video where you can see what all the food hotspots were like on his very first day visiting the park.

Outside of the delicious food and drink offerings in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, if you'd like even more of a deep dive into the four total days that Peter spent inside the theme park (so far), be sure to check out our full podcast episode on his experience.

More than likely, we'll have plenty more to come on Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, so stay tuned.