Top Ten Greatest Movie Endings

I, in the past couple of years, have written more Top Ten articles then I can count for the prestigious Slashfilm. Soooooo, these flicks coming at you are the contenders for best ever. They are in my eyes terrific and great endings, a dreamy "cap it all off" nightcap of honey, warm milk and Nyquil type ending that leave you stuffed and satisfied. If something can move you to tears, I believe it has a specific merit to it dubbing it an all time great,. Here I dig, into my past and see what I can come up with. Got any of your own? Email them in!!10. Breach – Ryan Philippe opens the elevator doors and "BAM", Chris Cooper is standing there between two guards. The electricity that passes between them is unsettling, with a moment feeling like forever, until Cooper hauntingly utters the words. "Pray for me." You can't help but wonder why Chris doesn't just Goldberg spear Philippe into the wall behind him for being the sole guy to take him down and ruin his life.9. Lost Boys – After the final showdown with Kiefer Sutherland and the rest of his Motley Crue of teen vamps comes Grandpa, opening the fridge and closing his eyes before sighing and finally saying, "The one thing about Santa Carla I never could stomach....All the damn vampires." And the light from said refrigerator, throwing its snuffed shadow upon Corey Haim and Jason Patric's face, leave us feeling like we have just had the final joke slapped onto our faces ....People are strange.8. Good Will Hunting -  "Son of a bitch, he stole my line..." Robin Williams exclaims after reading Will's goodbye note. Most romantic sentiment without the payout of seeing Skylar and Will meet again leave the audience wondering what could be... Or if Will's shit box can make the drive cross country.7. Batman Begins -  " I never said thank you." Say's Gary Oldman.......... "And you'll never have to." Christian Bale beats everyone including Mr. Mom to become the coolest, buffest and most convincing Bruce Wayan/ Batman ever, then dives off the roof into the Dark night.6. Devil's Rejects – The dirty, hot and gritty standoff on the highway with nothing except "Freebird" blasting as the House of a Thousand Corpse's crew drive to their deaths like Thelma and Louise except with guns blazing. A Beautifully horrifying end, if you can use that oxymoron.5. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – The movie for the fans! Let's face it; the only people who get every aspect of this movie were the nit picking fan boys who watched all of Kevin Smith's other movies religiously over and over again. But you didn't need to be a devout Askew disciple to see and appreciate the freeze frame of Jay and Silent Bob, being the supposed end of their jungle love, of course until Clerks 2. But that moment was like seeing two of your best friends in your senior yearbook, commemorating all the years you spent together and quite possibly being the last time you may see those two again....4. Rocky 2 – Oh God! Rocky and Apollo are both down!! 7! 8! 9! Rocky gets up and bounces into the ropes by an eyelash, 10!!! Queue the goose bump inducing music.3. Superman 1 – Here is another musical moment and one of the top three that actually bring me to tears. For some reason this reminds me of my dad, and to others I'm sure the theme as Superman flies out around the earth evokes memories from their youth while at the time was cinematically a wonderful way to end the flick. Kudos to the late Mr. Reeve for being a staple in my memories.2. Braveheart – After the demise of William Wallace his men stand with Robert the Bruce for what is to be the Battle of Bannockburn. Then, the throwing of the claymore and charging the field screaming...The tears fly, and the goose bumps erupt. The majestic landscape and soundtrack burn into your senses like the smell of wood smoke, that you can't wash off your skin, or ever clean off your mind.1. Star Wars, A New Hope – I can't explain with words. The score, Chewy, Han, and Luke lined up and the hall at full attention as the trumpets go and the crescendo swells. Then the walk, the walk down to the awaiting Leia and all the soldiers turn on heel with a unified "Clack!". I cry every time, and have tried convincing my girl to allow this to be my wedding song. While I may not be able to reenact this alone with my best men, I can watch this over and over for my fix. Perfection.