Fast X Left Jason Momoa With One Gripe He Hopes Fast And Furious 11 Will Rectify

Jason Momoa is really happy he finally got to play a villain. While the "Aquaman" star has technically played the odd antagonist in lesser known films, there's no doubt he's better known for his more heroic roles, which is ... basically all of them. But in "Fast X" we'll get to see the actor tap into his evil side, and no one is more excited about it than Momoa himself.

Speaking to Variety, Momoa said he had the "time of [his] life" starring in "Fast X" as Dante Reyes, the son of drug lord Hernan Reyes (who served as the bad guy in 2011's "Fast Five"). The actor also promised his character will be "very sadistic" with some definite "daddy issues." Which, in a franchise that features family as one of its central themes, will no doubt provide some intriguing tension as Dante looks to take revenge against Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Connor (Paul Walker) for stealing $100 million from his father.

That particular action sequence was a standout set piece in the Fast Saga's history and marked the moment the franchise fully shifted its focus from street racing and car culture to all-out action blockbuster fare. But it also apparently ruined Dante's life. As such, the ostentatious baddie is set to make things difficult for Dom in "Fast X." But while Momoa is obviously excited about his role, that doesn't mean he's happy about everything.

Jason Momoa has one request for Fast 11

Universal spent a ridiculous amount to make "Fast X," which cost a reported $340 million. That should mean we're in for one hell of an action spectacle when the film finally arrives, and it seems Dante's plan to avenge his father is equally grandiose. Universal promises that "Dante's plot will scatter Dom's family from Los Angeles to the catacombs of Rome, from Brazil to London and from Portugal to Antarctica," and that Dom's eight-year-old son is "the ultimate target of Dante's vengeance."

All pretty tumultuous stuff, then. And judging by the "Fast X" trailer, it should result in some suitably bombastic action, too. But what you might not see much of is Jason Momoa driving a car. That is, according to the actor, who told CinemaBlend:

"My only one maybe like bummer of the whole thing is I didn't get to drive more, which is gonna change in the next one. [...] I know how to ride motorcycles just from doing my own thing, and so I did 80 percent of the motorcycle stuff, which is great and I'm super happy that they trusted me to do it. And then the stunts that would jeopardize the whole picture, obviously a stunt man would take that over, but I really would love to drive more."

Who can blame the man? After all, he's starring in a franchise built on spectacular car races and ridiculous driving skills. Unfortunately, for Momoa, the saga became much more of an all-encompassing action franchise long ago, and it seems his time behind the wheel will be limited. Which is why Momoa added his "massive request" for the next installment:

"I would love to go to driving school. I would love to go learn that stuff."

Momoa should get a chance to drive

While Dante will be mostly riding around on a motorcycle to carry out his nefarious plans in "Fast X," that doesn't mean he's not going to drive a car at all. The trailer shows Dante behind the wheel at multiple points, including a drag race between him and Dom to, in Dom's words, "stop the bloodbath." In addition, footage screened at CinemaCon showed Dom and his young son facing off against Dante while driving Dom's charger in a sequence that sounds like it's sure to match, if not outdo, the absurdly wild action of previous installments.

With the film yet to debut, the fate of Dante remains unclear at this point. But based on Jason Momoa's comments, it sounds safe to assume his character will be back for the 11th and final (?) "Fast" film, which is marked for a 2025 release. That means there's plenty of opportunities for the actor to learn the driving skills he so admires and take some "Fast & Furious" rides for a spin in the next movie. Plus, with the franchise making a habit of having characters switch from being villains to friends and even becoming family, there's a possibility Dante may yet be welcomed into the Toretto fold. Yes, I know he tries to kill Dom's son in "Fast X" but this is the Fast Saga we're talking about. Anything can and probably will happen, including Jason Momoa getting to drive a car.

"Fast X" debuts in theaters on May 19, 2023.