Cool Stuff: Reebok And DC Comics Join Forces For A Heroic And Villainous Sneaker Collection

Reebok has been delivering some stellar sneaker collections inspired a couple of the biggest franchises in the world. There have been both "Jurassic World" and "Jurassic Park" sneaker lines, and "Ghostbusters" has seen a couple different releases as well. This time, Reebok is unleashing a line-up of sneakers inspired by the superheroes and super-villains from the pages of DC Comics. 

Starting on December 2, 2022, there will be six different pairs of DC Comics sneakers, each one inspired by Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, The Joker and Harley Quinn. You'll notice that each of the sneakers are made from materials that perfectly represent the signature looks of each character. 

Sneakers fit for a hero

On the superhero side, of course we have to begin with the Man of Steel, and who better to represent Superman than the towering basketball player who tattooed the hero's emblem on his body. Shaquille O'Neal's massive Shaq Attaq sneakers are the best choice for Superman footwear.

Superman - Shaq Attaq (HQ4587, $180) – One of the biggest superheroes of all time takes over Reebok's larger than life sneaker, the Shaq Attaq. Inspired by the Man of Steel himself, this version of the shoe pays homage to some of Superman's most crucial superpowers from the translucent hardware on the shoe that references his x-ray vision to the ice outsole signifying his cold breath. Available in unisex sizing from 5.5 – 13. 

Reebok doesn't make any boots that could be part of Batman's crime-fighting ensemble, but they've captured the vibe of the Dark Knight's suit with this sneaker, complete with the best version of the Batman symbol and a top piece that looks like Batman's wrist gauntlets.

Batman - LX2200 (HQ4584, $110) – The reflective Bat emblem on the tongue of this LX2200 instantly gives away the Batman inspiration of this refreshed Reebok OG running silhouette. The sneaker embodies Batman's impressive batsuit through several details including the foam molded synthetics and debossing on the upper which represent the batsuit's molded and distressed armor, respectively. Available in unisex sizing from 2.5 – 12.

For the last superhero shoe, we have these Wonder Woman sneakers that feature the perfect combination of the hero's signature colors. Honestly, I think this is the best shoe in the entire collection. There's even an extra pair of laces that look a little more like Diana's trademark Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman - Nano X2 (HQ4585, $150) – Wonder Woman's impressive armor dictates the design of this version of Reebok's most versatile training shoe yet, the Nano X2. The upper of the shoes incorporates a reflective light creating a similar effect to Wonder Woman's deflecting bracelets and the rest of her suit's legendary construction is noted on various leather and metal accents. The wearer is gifted with an extra set of reflective laces that are emblematic of Wonder Woman's signature lasso of truth. Available in unisex sizing 4 – 13.

Sneakers for sneaky bad guys

It wouldn't be a villainous DC Comics sneaker collection with a pair for the Clown Prince of Crime. Note the bonus in the description, which might be the coolest feature out of any of these DC sneakers. It may not be easy to match purple with a lot of wardrobe choices, but anyone wearing Joker shoes is looking for a little chaos anyway.

• The Joker Club C 85 (HQ4573, $110) – The Joker brings chaos to the Club C 85 from the inside of the shoe which is covered with graphics referencing his ear-piercing laughter to the tear away pieces of fabric on the upper that represent the many devious layers to his personality. To further allow the wearer to exemplify The Joker's personality, the tongue features a hidden joker that can be removed and used as their calling card. Available in unisex sizing from 2.5 – 12.

If you snag the Joker sneakers, then maybe you can get your significant other to get the Harley Quinn high-tops. Inspired by the Margot Robbie version of the character, these are probably the second coolest pair of sneakers in the collection. It's just a shame that they don't come in bigger sizes, because I would be happy to run around in these unhinged pairs of shoes.

• Harley Quinn - Freestyle Hi (HQ4572, $100) – The formidable Harley Quinn inspires one of Reebok's most iconic female silhouettes, the Freestyle Hi. The upper includes graphics that reference a range of her accessories from her legendary mallet to her roller skates. Bleeding from the heel to the white upper is a deep blue, very similar to the design of her favorite shirt. Available in women's sizing 2.5 – 8.5.

Finally, we have sneakers inspired by Superman's arch nemesis. With a touch of green, glow-in-the-dark elements to represent the kryptonite ring that Lex wears to weaken Superman, you'll be ready to take on the Big Blue Boy Scout as soon as you slip these on. 

• Lex Luthor - Workout Plus (HQ4575, $100) – This glow-in-the-dark version of the Workout Plus brings Lex Luthor's toxic kryptonite suit to sneakers. From the glowing outsole to the cracked, glow in the dark edges on the upper the shoe is sure to make the wearer feel invincible. The silhouette is finished off with a ring lace dubrae that mimics Lex's powerful green kryptonite ring. Available in unisex sizing 2 – 14.

Coming soon

If you like the look of these shoes, there will also be a unisex apparel line featuring a collection of graphic t-shirts and hoodies. Reebok notes, "Each piece incorporates iconic logos from the world of DC and highlights the good vs. evil theme present throughout the collection." These arrive just in time to make for some solid gifts for the comic book fan in your life this holiday season.

All of the sneakers and clothing from Reebok and DC Comics will be on sale starting on December 2, 2022 at the Reebook website, as well as retailers like Finish Line, Hibbett Sports and Amazon.