A New Collection Of Jurassic World Dominion Sneakers Have Been Genetically Engineered By Reebok

"Jurassic World Dominion" may not have been acclaimed by critics when it hit the big screen earlier this summer, but that hasn't stopped audiences from returning to theaters for the latest round of blockbuster dinosaur adventure. In fact, the movie recently became the second-highest grossing movie of the year, coming in behind another hit sequel in the form of "Top Gun: Maverick."

If seeing "Jurassic World Dominion" in theaters wasn't enough excitement for dino fans out there, Reebok might just have another fix to keep you satisfied. Following last year's "Jurassic Park" footwear release, a new collection of sneakers inspired by the conclusion of the "Jurassic World" trilogy is arriving later this month. Several are inspired by the terrifying new dinosaurs in the sequel, including the Atrociraptor and the Giganotosaurus, and there's also a pair inspired by the Velociraptor called Blue. Others take cues from Biosyn Genetics and the thrill that comes from trying to survive dinosaurs unleashed in the wild. Check out the "Jurassic World Dominion" Reebok sneaker collection below.

You made a promise... to a dinosaur?

The shoes inspired by the dinosaurs of "Jurassic World" come with some pretty wild designs. They certainly capture the rough scales and intimidating appearance of the apex predators. The pair inspired by Blue is a little subtler, but it features those signature streaks for which she was surely named. As for the Beatnik, it looks like quite the relaxing pair of footwear, and that fossil-inspired clip is a nice touch.

The Answer DMX (HQ6276, $200) – This Answer DMX (above) is sure to make you feel like the ultimate apex predator, thanks to the natural colors and reptile-inspired materials reminiscent of the Giganotosaurus. The silhouette is outfitted with a hardware accent piece and spikes from this new terrifyingly giant dinosaur on the heel. Available in unisex sizing.

Zig Kinetica 2.5 (HQ6263, $140) – The fearsome four pack of Atrociraptors — as seen chasing Owen, Claire, and others through the streets of Malta — inspire this fierce version of Reebok's Zig Kinetica 2.5. The shoe incorporates colorways of all four raptors on the upper and replaces the Zig's signatures overlay with a 3D puff print for a raised, reptilian effect. Available in unisex and kids sizing.

Classic Leather Ripple (HQ6253, $100) – The fan-favorite Velociraptor, Blue, and her offspring, Beta, team up to create the ultimate nostalgic Classic Leather Ripple. Blue's iconic stripe comes to life on the side of the shoe, while the window box and heel logos feature nods to both Blue and Beta with their signature claw element. Available in unisex, grade school, preschool, and infant sizing

Beatnik (HQ6266, $130) – The cult-favorite Beatnik silhouette is fossilized in this neutral iteration. The tonal colors tell the story of the dinosaur fossils with the gritty outsole representing a fossilized mold. Rounding out the model is a one-of-a-kind Reebok fossil in place of the Beatnik's signature hardware. Available in unisex sizing.

At Biosyn, we're dedicated to the idea that dinosaurs can teach us more about ourselves

Of course, there wouldn't be any dino danger without the film's corporate villain. This time it's Biosyn Genetics, and two pairs of shoes are inspired by their scientific work. The LX2200 features a DNA strand on the side, while the Club C Revenge has lab badges, test tubes, and rub-away reptile scales. For the more outdoor dinosaur adventurer, the Nano X2 Adventure will certainly be the best shoes for surviving a dino attack.

Club C Revenge (HQ6205, $100) – Reebok's iconic Club C (above) gets a makeover from Biosyn Genetics, the bioengineering company that performs the research to re-create extinct animals and study their behaviors, as seen in "Jurassic World Dominion." The futuristic shoe comes in clean, metallic colors reminiscent of the lab and makes references to the genetically modified animals Biosyn creates with a rub-away reptile material on the upper. The silhouette is finished off with a Biosyn badge on the tongue and a test tube lace dubrae. Available in unisex sizing.

LX2200 (HQ6264, $110) – This sleek LX2200 takes design cues from biogenetic coding facility Biosyn Valley, as seen in "Jurassic World Dominion." Featured throughout the shoe are DNA-inspired elements including a Reebok DNA strand window box, DNA sequencing tongue label, and a marbled outsole to represent different DNA coming together in a variety of textures and colors. Available in unisex sizing

Nano X2 Adventure (HQ6265, $150) – Survival lace and paracord webbing paired with the ultimate outdoor training shoe, the Nano X2 Adventure, equip you for the most serious dinosaur breach. The silhouette incorporates hardware elements and a pigmented gum outsole to show that the wearer is ready to show off any survival skill. Available in unisex sizing.

All of Reebok's "Jurassic World Dominion" shoes, as well as a collection of men's and women's performance and lifestyle apparel, will be available for order on Reebok's official website at 12 a.m. August 25, 2022.