Cool Stuff: Reebok's 'Jurassic Park' Sneaker Line Is 65 Million Years In The Making

Last year, Reebok pleased fans of Ghostbusters and Aliens fans by releasing pairs of special edition sneakers inspired by the iconic films. This year, it's Jurassic Park getting the treatment with a whole line of sneakers that are 65 million years in the making. Reebok has teamed up with InGen to take some of their most well-known sneakers and give them a Jurassic Park makeover. However, these Jurassic Park Reebok sneakers aren't going to come cheap, so hold onto your butts.

Here's the announcement for the Jurassic Park Reebok sneakers and apparel collaboration:

Jurassic Park Reebok Sneakers

Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersInstapump Fury OG – Jurassic Park Ford Explorers ($200, GW0212) – Inspired by the iconic Jurassic Park guest vehicles, this Instapump Fury features a leather collar lining mimicking the SUVs seats and battle damage graphics on the sole and sides. The shoe is finished off with the official mark of Jurassic Park on the legendary pump ball. Available in adult and infant sizing.Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersClub C 85 – Nedry ($110, GW0213) – The notorious Dennis Nedry makes his mark on the classic Club C from the floral print heel, reminiscent of the first shirt he wears in the film, to the zebra striped pony hair heel cap, which mimics the screensaver on Nedry's computer. The shoe also features a bright yellow tongue in a rubber raincoat material in remembrance of Nedry's failed attempt to escape from the island with the stolen dinosaur embryos.Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersClub C 85 – Dr. Alan Grant ($100, GZ6322) – This Club C is inspired by Dr. Alan Grant in sneaker form with a tan suede upper, bandana collar lining and a denim-colored outsole. While both sockliners match the denim outsole, the right sockliner also features a Velociraptor claw graphic. Available in adult, grade school preschool and toddler/infant sizing.Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersClassic Leather – Ian Malcolm ($120, GY0570) – Inspired by Dr. Ian Malcolm's fascination of chaos theory, this Classic Leather is part simplicity, part utter chaos. The chaotic lateral side of the shoe celebrates Ian Malcolm's fashion sense and flashy lifestyle with a range of textures and patterns from floral to saber-toothed tiger. The more simplistic medial side features the Jurassic Park logo and a brooch jewel detail nodding to the necklace Dr. Malcolm wears throughout the movie.Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersZig Devil Kinetica – Jurassic Park Jeeps ($140, GY8275) – The contemporary sport-style Zig Kinetica II is redesigned to resemble the park staff's SUVs. The tongue incorporates leather webbing with details nodding to the vehicle's rearview mirror and the famed electric fence, as well as a speckled midsole inspired by the high-speed chases through mud.Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersClub C Legacy – Mr. DNA ($100, GY0856) – This Club C Legacy pays homage to playful and informative Mr. DNA, the cartoon character that explains the process of recreating dinosaur DNA. The clear TPU outsole reveals a Mr. DNA strand logo on the bottom of the left shoe and a mosquito graphic on the right shoe. The Club C Legacy is finished with a cracked egg collar and bubbled heel.Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersJurassic Stomper – InGen ($200, GX5412) – Featuring a tough leather and neoprene upper, the Jurassic Stomper is strong enough to hold up to anything InGen workers encounter in the field. The shoe, inspired by the uniforms of the infield InGen staff, includes multiple patches which can be changed out depending upon your division within the morally questionable organization.Jurassic Park Reebok SneakersPump Omni Zone II – Dilophosaurus ($200, GY0549) – After combining dinosaur and sneaker DNA, Reebok was able to create a shoe some 65 million years in the making: the Pump Omni Zone II. Inspired by the carnivorous Dilophosaurus, this style-forward shoe features dinosaur graphics on the upper and a nubuck base material with hints of skived leather.

These are some pretty wild shoes. A few pairs are downright hideous, but they're also so odd that you can't take your eyes off them. Although, I will say it feels like a real missed opportunity to not have more dinosaur-inspired shoes. The speedy velociraptor especially feels like it deserves some kind of official Jurassic Park sneaker. Otherwise, there are a few Jurassic Park sneakers styles for kids and a line of apparel you can also get your hands on, including a cool Mr. DNA hoodie.

Jurassic Park Reebok Sneakers and Apparel

If you want to get your hands on the Reebok Jurassic Park shoes and apparel, they go on sale starting on July 30, and you'll be able to find them online right here. However, the Dennis Nedry Club C 85 will only be available for Reebok UNLOCKED members.