Cool Stuff: Reebok Releasing Two New Pairs Of 'Ghostbusters' Sneakers For Halloween

If bustin' makes you feel good, Reebok is about to make it feel that much better with sneakers inspired by Ghostbusters. Arriving just in time for Halloween, these two new pairs of Ghostbusters sneakers take cues from the classic uniforms worn by the boys in beige (even though Larry King calls them the boys in gray in the movie), as well as the the team's signature vehicle, the Ecto-1. Find out when and where you can get the Reebok Ghostbusters shoes and how much they will cost you below.

Reebok Ghostbusters Shoes - Classic

Reebok Ghostbusters ShoesReebok Ghostbusters Shoes

Strap on your proton pack. Or, you know, just lace up these Ghostbusters shoes. It's time to celebrate Sony's original Ghostbusters movie. The design includes several tributes to the series, from the logo on the tongue to the slime graphic on the outsole. The shoes are made of smooth leather, with a durable rubber outsole.

These are simple but awesome. The entire shoe looks like the beige Ghostbusters uniform and even the Reebok label has been made to look like the name tags on the uniforms. There's also a couple subtle touches of the yellow and black stripes from the ghost traps and just a smidge of green slime on the bottom of the right shoe. These will cost you $100.

Reebok Ghostbusters Shoes - Ghost Smashers

Reebok Ghostbusters ShoesReebok Ghostbusters Shoes

Show ghosts who is boss. These men's Ghost Smashers shoes have a fearless design inspired by the Ghostbusters movie from the '80s. The leather upper has a worn, weathered look as if you've gone into battle. Signature details from the film give them a legit look.

The Ghost Smashers are some of the wildest shoes that I've seen (though I'm sure sneakerheads out there have seen weirder ones). They feel like they're designed for kids with all the tubes and hoses sticking out of them, not to mention the green tank. The off-white color is made to look like they've been worn out and about, but I'm not sure these are the kind of shoes you want to wear on the street. They might look better on a shelf, especially since they cost $150.

Both pairs of Reebok Ghostbusters shoes will go on sale at 12:00 A.M. ET on October 31, as soon as the clock strikes midnight and it's Halloween. I wouldn't be surprised if these sell out fast, though there's no specific edition size listed on the site. Better set a reminder so you don't miss out on them.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for bringing these to our attention.