The House From... Clip: Stop By Laurie Strode's Real-Life House From John Carpenter's Halloween [Exclusive]

Our collective love for pop culture is so strong that it's not just the actors, filmmakers, and characters from the big screen and the flickering box getting all the love. Sometimes, a movie or TV show becomes such a cherished piece of entertainment history that even the props and locations from our favorite stories reach a surprising level of admiration. Some of them have even become, dare I say, iconic? That's what drives people to buy endless merchandise for their shelves and take road trips to visit the real life locations that have been featured in film and TV. Thankfully, checking out some of the most recognizable locales from Hollywood's history is about to get a little bit easier, thanks to an upcoming documentary.

"The House From..." is a new film from Tommy Avallone, director of Peacock's recently released "I Love You, You Hate Me," the documentary chronicling the rise and fall of the children's television character known as Barney the Dinosaur. In this new doc, Avallone (who we have an interview with coming up very soon) sought out a bunch of famous houses from movies and TV shows like "Home Alone," "Breaking Bad," "Full House," "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure," "The Goonies," and many more. Not only does he highlight the residences themselves, but he speaks to the owners about what it's like to live in the kind of place that fans are constantly visiting and taking pictures of pretty much every single day. In fact, the film will even guide fans through some of the interiors, so you can see what they actually look like on the inside. 

Currently in post-production, Avallone shared with /Film an exclusive sneak peek at the movie with a clip highlighting Laurie Strode's house from John Carpenter's original "Halloween." Could you ask for a better house to showcase during the spooky season? Watch the clip below, and find out when you can see the movie and maybe even help finish it.

Plenty of treats get sent to The Strodes

As you can see, there are some strange perks that come from owning the Strode family house from 1978's "Halloween." Resident Bianca Richards reveals a scrapbook full of letters, some addressed directly to the Strodes, as well as Halloween greeting cards and notes from fans thanking them for making their house available for a photo opportunity. Richards really appreciates the handwritten notes and letters on random bits of paper or napkins, especially in the digital age. One fan even sent a NECA action figure of Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode that was released in conjunction with the "Halloween" sequel from 2018. But perhaps the best detail here is finding out what Richards' neighbors have lurking in their window throughout the whole year.

"The House From..." hails from a team of producers who have delivered plenty of entertaining pop culture documentaries in recent years. Lee Leshen previously executive produced "The Orange Years" about the golden age of Nickelodeon, and Derrick Kunzer produced Avallone's film "The Bill Murray Stories." Brett Gursky produced the hit Netflix documentary "The American Meme", and he alsoworked on the Emmy-nominated HBO series "Hello Ladies." And executive producer Raymond Esposito is coming off the fantastic documentary "Butterfly in the Sky," which is about the beloved children's program "Reading Rainbow." So this should be a lot of fun to watch when it's done.

Silver tuna tonight!

Right now, "The House From..." is trying to drum up the funds to pay for their post-production through Kickstarter. Once the film is finished, the plan is to premiere the documentary at an upcoming film festival, and the day after the debut, it will be available on iTunes, Amazon Prime, Vudu and Google Play. There are some pretty cool perks for those who support the project, including exclusive sneak peeks, a limited viewing link to see the movie before it actually premieres, and even a limited edition DVD of the movie, which will only have 1,000 copies available). Head on over to the Kickstarter for "The House From..." to help them out, and get a peek at some of the other houses featured in the film.